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4 Ways GPS Tracking Software Makes a Contractor’s Day Easier

A day in the life of a contractor involves juggling many different tasks, employees, and pieces of equipment. To operate at your best, you need to be sure everything is working efficiently, but no one has the ability to be at multiple job sites at once! Let’s take a look at four benefits of GPS fleet tracking software that can help contractors throughout the day.

1. Know exactly where your fleet is

Working as a contractor often means you have to make the most of the daylight that’s available. Your crew needs to get to their job sites on time, but a number of factors can stand in the way. Let’s say you need to send a worker to a job at the last minute. GPS fleet tracking software can help you see which drivers are available and which are already closest to the location. You can also use GPS tracking to make sure drivers are taking the best routes possible to their projects, and navigation software can help guide them around any unexpected traffic problems that arise. Since you’ll be able to see where each vehicle is and when, there’s no excuse for workers not getting to sites on time.

2. Help your employees work more efficiently

When your crew is on the job, you want them firing on all cylinders. You need your employees to work productively and use your equipment efficiently. Using a fleet tracking system, you can make sure your employees are doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

Power Take Off (PTO) monitoring can track how your equipment is being used. Think some of your guys are taking it too easy? Pull that PTO data to see how frequently your equipment is being used so you can give those workers a push. If the asset is not being used because it’s not needed for the current project, you can take action and reassign it to someone who does need it.

3. Protect your equipment against asset theft

It’s your worst nightmare. You leave a piece of equipment at a housing development because the job’s not quite finished, and taking it with you only to bring it back the next morning just isn’t worth it. Bulldozers are heavy, right? Unfortunately, sophisticated asset thieves aren’t deterred, so they steal that equipment.

When replacements are costly, stolen or misplaced equipment can have a huge financial impact on your business. It may also set projects back days if not weeks while you find a replacement. If you aren’t getting jobs finished, you aren’t making money. GPS tracking software helps you avoid this scenario by showing where every vehicle and piece of equipment is at all times. That way, if equipment does get stolen from the development, you can give the authorities the exact location of your missing asset.

4. More accurate invoicing for customers

When a job is complete, you want to be rewarded for your team’s efforts, right? Fleet management software can help here too. GPS tracking combined with PTO monitoring enables you to give customers accurate invoices that take into account how long workers stayed at the job site and how long your equipment was used. Did digging up that driveway take longer than you originally estimated? Having the information to back up your business’s work takes a lot of hassle out of your job by preventing back-and-forth with customers.

Running a successful contracting business means making the most of each and every day on the job. GPS tracking software helps you get a bird’s eye view of your business so you can be sure you’re bringing in as much revenue as possible.

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Published on September 6, 2017


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