5 Things You Might Not Know About Fleet Tracking Software

5 Things You Might Not Know About Fleet Tracking Software

By SkyBitz • Published January 25, 2017 • 6 minute read

If you’re a fleet manager looking for new ways to make your workforce more efficient, then you’ve probably heard about GPS vehicle tracking software.

You may not be aware of everything fleet management software can do to make life easier for you and your drivers.

Fleet tracking isn’t just about GPS. It’s not just about tracking your vehicles either. Like many other modern technologies, vehicle tracking has advanced rapidly in the past few years and has become both more affordable and effective.

Fleet Tracking Software – 5 Things need to know and the benefits:

1. Driver notifications in real-time with GPS tracking equipment

There are two types of vehicle tracking: active and passive.

  • Passive tracking is a less advanced option that allows data to be stored on your tracking device but does not allow it to be accessed until that device is connected to a computer.
  • Active tracking, on the other hand, tracks your vehicles in real-time. You can even track your fleet vehicles when the ignition is off. That’s not where it ends: you can set automated driver notifications to alert you if, for instance, a vehicle is not where it’s supposed to be.
    • The rewards of active tracking, as opposed to passive tracking, are much greater. Consider this; if a vehicle is stolen, you’ll have no way of knowing where that vehicle is if you physically need the tracker to load that information onto a computer.
    • Active tracking can show you where a vehicle is at any given time. Fleets that opted for passive tracking to save costs should be aware that activity tracking is now more affordable, and its benefits provide a significant ROI.

How to Set Driver Notifications / Alerts:

2. Mobilize your workforce with vehicle tracking software

Since smartphones and tablets have rapidly become popular over the last several years, businesses have been finding that mobile devices have many benefits for their work forces.

Mobile devices allow employees to engage with the software while they’re on the go, so naturally, they’re perfect for your always-on-the-go fleet!

Alert Notifications SkyBitz Trailer Tracking

The best modern fleet tracking software systems are designed to integrate with mobile devices. Not only should your software track your fleet in real-time, but you should be able to access that data from anywhere, not just your desktop computer.

Effective tracking software also allows you to set up electronic forms. From a tablet, drivers can submit electronic forms about their status while they’re out on the job.

3. GPS tracking equipment can be small and discrete

Installing GPS tracking equipment is no longer the hassle it once was. The GPS tracking hardware of yesterday was cumbersome—bulky in form as well as frustrating to implement.

Today, modern vehicle tracking devices are small and discrete, and they’re simpler to set up. Some devices plug right into any vehicle’s OBD port and start collecting data instantly.

You also have the option of covert installation, which prevents drivers from knowing they are being tracked.

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4. Vehicle tracking isn’t just GPS tracking

Vehicle tracking technology is often referred to as GPS tracking, but it can encompass a lot more than just GPS data. You can track a variety of metrics and receive real-time notifications.

These include:

  • Excessive idling
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive driving

GPS Fleet Trailer Tracking Software

If a behavior wastes fuel or is a safety risk, you can use vehicle tracking as a measure to find out about it and then eliminate it.

Additionally, modern route optimization software can be used for strategizing routes before dispatching drivers. Dispatching can be automated based on information drivers submit from electronic forms on mobile devices.

For instance, if a driver indicates that he has finished a job, he can be automatically routed to the next closest job where he is needed.

5. Fleet management software isn’t just for vehicles

Vehicles may not be your only assets, and you don’t have to stop fleet tracking there. You can also track assets like trailers, lawnmowers, construction, and other heavy equipment.

Asset Type Tracking Software

New technologies can track data beyond just location, speed, and driver behaviors. If your fleet consists of refrigerated vehicles like food delivery trucks, you’ll want to make sure to monitoring fleet temperatures are always at the correct levels.

Vehicle tracking is no longer just a business luxury—it is a necessity. The latest technologies are crucial for maximizing your fleet’s productivity, and the benefits are enormous enough to outweigh any concerns about cost. In fact, it costs more not to have vehicle tracking.

Fleet vehicle tracking software is the best way to not only know where your drivers are but also to protect your assets, encourage safe driving, discourage fuel wasting, and dispatch drivers efficiently.

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