7 Ways Asset Tracking Revolutionized Fleet Management

7 ways trailer tracking revolutionized fleet management

By SkyBitz • Published March 20, 2015 • 3 minute read

Fleet management is essential for every industry that involves shipping or receiving. In other words—fleet management is essential for every industry. With fleet management software such as GPS asset tracking, real time visibility is now available on a regular basis. For the fleet managers, this means valuable clarity into shipping operations. For those on the receiving end of fleet shipping, it means accurate, timely, and cheaper service.

Though GPS fleet management certainly isn’t a new concept, it is a new luxury for smaller fleet enterprises. Because of high costs and issues of complexity, it was formerly only available for larger operations. Due to the proliferation of more accessible asset tracking systems, even small mom-and-pop operations can provide service akin to global logistics companies. What once was a difficult ordeal involving stacks of paperwork can now be handled in a sleek and organized manner.

Below are 7 ways that asset tracking software has benefited fleet management operations of all sizes:

  1. Access to real time driving data, such as stopping & driving times, speed, fuel economy, and more.
  2. Consistent knowledge of location, which is good for holding drivers accountable as well as quick help with repair needs, lost drivers, and theft recovery.
  3. Increased route efficiency, which allows planning around route traffic, distance, and other factors.
  4. Improved productivity results from the consistent accountability that inspires consistent performance from drivers.
  5. Maintenance reminders/warnings help fleet managers never forget an oil change or upkeep need.
  6. Integration features, such as real time updates to customers on shipping status, allow for fast, effective customer service.
  7. Reduced fuel consumption comes from insight into fuel economy and route efficiency.

Ultimately, what all of this adds up to is rather simple: improved service and decreased costs. So, it’s safe to say that fleet management software has revolutionized shipping and fleet management for all involved.

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