9 Ways You Can Maximize Your Delivery Fleets Potential with cellular trailer tracking solutions

9 Ways You Can Maximize Your Delivery Fleet’s Potential

Unique Challenges Posed by Managing a Small to Medium Fleet

Managing a small to medium sized delivery fleet with limited resources can be difficult, especially when all responsibilities fall on a single individual or very small team.

The good news is: this doesn’t have to be the case. With asset & trailer tracking solutions available for small to medium sized operations, many of the processes and oversights performed by fleet managers can be automated and pre-planned with the help of software.

Here are 9 ways fleet management software can help you maximize your fleet’s potential.

1. Increase Your Daily Stops

With fleet management technology, you can plan optimal arrival times and dispatch drivers as soon as they’re needed to avoid unnecessary waiting around. With fleet tracking software, you’re 100% aware of the schedule and can give customers a heads up when drivers are about to arrive to minimize down time. Need to make an emergency delivery? Fleet management technology allows you to choose the driver closest to the pick-up or drop-off point to make sure the issue is resolved as efficiently as possible.

2. Delivery Validation

With Geo-Fencing technology, you can set up checkpoints to determine automatically when shipments arrive and depart a target area. In real-time you receive alerts about the shipment’s movements on any device – including mobile. Plus, with fleet location tracking, you can make sure your vehicles are not deviating from the recommended route or engaging in potentially unsafe driving habits.

3. Efficient Routing

Fleet management software offers turn-by-turn directions to make sure drivers never have to waste time getting “unlost.” This technology can also help standardize delivery routes so drivers don’t have to spend time on the often overlooked things – like parking.

4. Unauthorized Vehicle Use Limitations

One of the biggest worries of delivery fleet managers is unauthorized vehicle use. With fleet tracking technology, you can rest assured knowing your vehicles are being used solely for the intended deliveries. Specific rules for authorized use can be set, Geo-Fencing technology can allow you to set borders for the fleet, and Driver ID capabilities let you know at all times who is behind the wheel.

5. Proof of HOS Compliance

With the recent rollout of Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rules by the federal government, it’s increasing important to monitor and report on Hours of Service (HOS) to avoid regulatory issues. Fleet management technology automates this process to maintain compliance and increase efficiency.

6. Savings to Expect

Fleet management technology is a small investment that foes a long way. For a low monthly fee, fleet managers see a wide variety of savings from maintenance, fuel costs and even insurance. Plus, savings are immediate as you can fit more deliveries into a day, waste less fuel, minimize maintenance and keep drivers productive from the minute you implement the solution.

7. Maintenance on Time

Fleet management software can provide reminders when maintenance is necessary, and, better yet, the technology can schedule service so that downtime is minimized and productivity drains are avoided.

8. Optimize Driver Behavior

Dangerous or fuel-wasting habits, like speeding or aggressive driving, triggers notifications from fleet tracking technology so fleet managers can be prepared to confront individuals with facts. Knowing where your drivers are at all times can help you avoid liability issue related to personal use of delivery issues.

9. Cold Chain

With integrated temperature tracking and the ability to program multiple temperature setting alerts, you can perform proactive monitoring of perishable cargo and minimize the risk of quality loss.

SkyBitz Local Fleets Solutions for Delivery Fleets

SkyBitz Local Fleets offers a range of fleet, asset and driver intelligence, GPS tracking, driver efficiency and safety tools for fleets of all sizes. The SkyBitz Local Fleets solution comprises GPS tracking devices that deliver real-time actionable information to a cloud-based platform.

Built upon the SkyBitz as a Service platform, SkyBitz Local Fleets also offers customers a subscription based model. The main benefit of a subscription is that it eliminates the need for upfront investment and the overhead of maintaining deep fleet management expertise in-house.

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Published on January 19, 2016


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