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Why an Asset Management System is Crucial

Whether you operate a small or medium sized fleet, yard management solutions are a crucial part of controlling your daily logistic operations. When looking to improve trailer underutilization and optimize a congested yard, an asset management system can be the night and day difference between on-time delivery efficiency and higher customer retention rates.
In comparison to logistics automation, manual yard management is a rough concept to swallow, as it often reduces the overall efficiency of the yard.

Synchronizing the Yard and Drivers

The yard impacts two critical points in a carrier’s productivity: driver’s time and trailer utilization. Having an automated system that interconnects the two helps reduce wasted manual labor on identifying available trailers for assignment or for driver’s, picking up the correct load. Synchronization works to help decrease cost by properly matching loads with corresponding trailers. This can lead to an overall reduction in unnecessary equipment purchases or rentals and wasted driver time resulting in frustrated drivers.


Velocity is essential throughout supply chain operations. With yard management systems, operators have the ability to capitalize on a multitude of advantages that can increase productivity. Benefits gained with automation include:

  • Increased visibility of shipments from remote locations
  • Identifying empty trailers that are available for outbound loads
  • Reduction in yard congestion
  • Maintained quality assurance by corresponding shipment information with the trailer number
  • Saving driver’s time and reducing frustration

No Room for Error

Another area to consider is that manual yard management leaves room for inaccuracies in the yard as well as in route to their delivery destination. Rising issues can jeopardize your efficiency levels which can lead to a variety of complications such as:

  • Underutilization of trailers when empty ones aren’t identified for available use
  • Inaccurate data entry errors leading to incorrect deliveries
  • Inconsistency in meeting customer delivery time frames causing a loss in customers

Increase productivity and optimize asset utilization with an automated asset management system that works in sync with your fleet operations. Learn more about yard management solutions and check out SkyBitz Insight Web Application.

Published on March 28, 2016


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