connecting trucks with big data

Beyond Remote Asset Tracking: Connecting Trucks with Big Data

As we discussed in a previous blog post, the Internet of Things (or IoT) is transforming everyday life – even in the remote asset management industry, as evidenced by Controlled Area Networks and Mobile Communication Devices. Utilizing the IoT to move beyond simple asset or trailer tracking involves mining and leveraging Big Data and then connecting fleets with powerful software solutions.

In the same way thermostats can now connect with our smartphones to learn our habits and thus increase our homes’ efficiency, mobilizing the available Big Data created by fleets every second will allow us to drive productivity, safety and efficiency.

In practice, connecting trucks with Big Data could mean huge wins for companies that embrace the concept of the hyper-connected IoT. For instance, a connected fleet leveraging Big Data could remotely adjust engine settings to meet local emissions standards, regional topography or climate. These small, remotely executed adjustments would, over time, yield huge results – especially at scale.

The Availability of Big Data

According to a report which describes Big Data and the IoT as two sides of the same coin, the Big Data industry is expected to reach $54.3 billion by 2017 – up from $10.2 billion in 2013.

What this really speaks to is the ability of partners to capture and analyze Big Data, the value C-level executives place in it, and the opportunity that exists to leverage this information to make the most optimized decision every second. The most intriguing part of this evolution is that the entire process can be automated with actions taken in real-time.

Making the Connection

The challenge for the remote asset tracking industry will be realizing the same ease of connectivity that allows our data to manage our home thermostats by communicating seamlessly with our smartphones. Presently, TMS systems, vehicle tracking hardware and collision warning systems are often built on different systems and platforms, meaning that interconnectivity is not always just a click away.

In the future, these systems will communicate, their data will be leveraged, and forward-thinking leaders in the trucking sector will reap the benefits. SkyBitz is embracing Big Data and the Internet of Things. Are you?

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Published on November 3, 2015


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