container intrusion tracking

Container Intrusion Tracking

We rely on containers to safely transport cargo across the country and around the world. The risk of container intrusion has increased due to longer distance travel and terrorist threats. If a container is tampered with, it can cause serious financial damage and increase security risks. Some of the risks to be aware of when shipping containers internationally include cargo theft, container theft, and terrorist activity. In fact, many U.S. government regulations have been put into place specifically to prohibit terrorist infiltration into shipping containers.

Whether you’re operating in the public or private sector, container intrusion detection and tracking is a necessity. With an increasingly global economy, robust satellite tracking is the ideal option for accurate worldwide tracking. SkyBitz’s satellite asset tracking capabilities provide advantages such as:

  • Streamlined, cost-efficient operations
  • Complete awareness of container security
  • 24/7 Real time visibility of assets
  • Agile customer service

Both government and commercial sectors can benefit from container intrusion tracking. Government operations often involve container shipping to remote areas, such as islands and deserts. Many of the routes and destinations for its containers are located in areas without terrestrial connection. Therefore, satellite connection is essential to government container intrusion tracking. Finally, government container shipments can carry sensitive cargo such as ammunition or military supplies. Both of these require accurate and thorough tracking capabilities.

While commercial entities may not deliver to such remote locations or ship sensitive military material, container intrusion detection is still vital for their global operations. Not only does accurate container tracking increase shipment efficiency, it also increases the chances of asset recovery. It is estimated by the FBI that U.S. cargo theft costs companies up to $30 billion a year. With container intrusion tracking, it is possible to stop theft before it starts.

SkyBitz offers many GPS trailer tracking solutions that are appropriate for container intrusion detection and tracking. Learn more about our cellular trailer tracking solutions and setup a free demo today.

Published on March 2, 2015


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