How Your Delivery Fleet Can Keep Drivers & Assets Safe

How Your Delivery Fleet Can Keep Drivers & Assets Safe

By SkyBitz • Published August 10, 2017 • 4 minute read

Whether you’re a delivery industry veteran or newbie, you know that protecting your drivers, goods, and assets is crucial to meeting your bottom line. Part of what makes or breaks a delivery operation is how well fleet transportation is monitored and managed, and a wise fleet manager knows how to avoid these problems.

How, you may ask?

Well, GPS tracking technology, of course!

GPS tracking technology plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of your drivers and vehicles. No modern delivery fleet should be without a management system that tracks assets.

Three of the key benefits of GPS asset tracking for delivery fleets:

1. Protecting Delivery Drivers From Crimes

Delivery personnel often make their rounds alone, and their safety should not be taken for granted. Robberies are a serious risk for drivers transporting goods, but you can follow steps to increase security coverage and create a safer driving environment for employees. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting reveals that several cities are particularly dangerous. A few at-risk locations to be aware of include:

  • St. Louis, MO
  • Detroit, MI
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Memphis, TN
  • Milwaukee, WI

Delivery truck robberies in Chicago also frequently make the news. If your fleet operates in one of these areas, security is crucial, but it’s important to remember that crime can happen anywhere. Your drivers should be prepared no matter where they are. GPS tracking technology provides continuous security coverage as goods are delivered, even when a vehicle is turned off. Continuous surveillance also relays information to law enforcement should an event occur, allowing for a fast response to protect a driver in danger.

2. Tracking Assets and Reducing Liabilities

Delivery fleet operators deal with a large pool of assets, equipment, and vehicles. Part of risk-analysis is creating a plan to deal with the potential loss and replacement of an asset. Utilizing a GPS fleet tracking solution allows for asset recovery and a fast return to normal operations with minimal loss in productivity.

A great solution to the problem of asset theft and misuse is setting boundaries called geofences around the area where vehicles are supposed to remain. Then, the fleet manager can receive an alert if a vehicle leaves the approved area and determine if it’s necessary to contact law enforcement. Many companies have had their vehicles stolen or vandalized but were able to successfully track down the culprit thanks to a GPS system.

3. Staying on Top of Safety With Maintenance Tracking

Improperly maintained vehicles make accidents more likely and are another major risk to your delivery fleet drivers. Maintenance reports serve to reduce company liabilities from preventable situations. Fleet management technology also enables you to set reminders to keep your fleet on schedule with routine maintenance.

Asset Management and Worker Safety: Both Parties Win

The benefits to gain from a GPS tracking solution are a great fit for any delivery fleet owner looking to cut down on preventable costs and liabilities. The bottom line is to save money and keep workers safe. Investing in fleet tracking is a win-win for the entire business.