ELD News Roundup: Stay Updated With These 5 Articles About the ELD Mandate

Sticking It to Manual Tank Level Measurements

By SkyBitz • Published October 20, 2017 • 4 minute read

When the FMCSA’s electronic logging device (ELD) mandate goes into effect on December 18, 2017, fleets that haven’t switched from paper driver logs to e-logs will be in violation of the rule.

While the mandate is a hot topic among fleet managers and truckers, many smaller businesses are still in the dark about what they need to do to comply. Others are resisting the mandate and hoping to see the rule revised. Meanwhile, the compliance date is approaching fast, and industry experts are advising businesses and owner-operators to get on board.

If you haven’t stayed on top of ELD mandate news, never fear! We rounded up five recent ELD stories to keep you updated.

1. As ELD Mandate Nears, 1 Million Truckers Have Yet to ComplyTrucks.com

A survey of 260 for-hire and private fleets found that 60% of the owner-operators and private truckers hadn’t made the switch from paper logs to e-logs for tracking the hours drivers spend on the road. This article for Trucks.com by Clarissa Hawes discusses the implications of the survey results and features quotes by industry experts on the mandate.

2. The ELD Mandate: What to expectFleet Owner

Looking for a simple recap of what the ELD mandate means and what you should expect? Joseph Evangelist’s article for Fleet Owner covers the basic information that fleets and owner-operators need to know. It even briefly examines the history of HOS regulations and driver logs!

3. Short-term truck rental exemption from ELD ruleAmerican Trucker

While Congress has voted multiple times against delaying the mandate beyond December 18th, a petition by the Trucking and Rental Leasing Association (TRALA) did result in an exemption. On October 11th, American Trucker reported that the FMCSA will waive the ELD requirements for rental trucks operating eight or fewer days. The article notes that an ELD will still be necessary on any vehicle that may be rented more than eight days.

4. ELDs and the short-haul exemption: Two fleets’ perspectivesFleet Owner
While some fleets are strongly opposed to the ELD mandate, others are taking steps to comply across the board—even when some of their vehicles would fall under the short-haul exemption. Cristina Commendatore of Fleet Owner reported on two companies who felt it would be best for every last vehicle in their fleets to be equipped with ELD software. Check out the article to explore exemptions to the mandate and find out why those two fleets chose to install ELDs despite having exempt vehicles.

5. Three ELD tips for small fleetsAmerican Trucker
One of the biggest reasons small fleets and independent owner-operators are hesitant about the ELD mandate is that they are concerned about the cost of implementation. Yet truck consultant Justin Green feels strongly that small fleets with thin margins can benefit from using ELDs. He contributed a guest article to American Trucker in which he discusses how using ELDs can reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and offers three tips for fleets making the switch to e-logs.

ELD Mandate Resources

Looking for some resources on the ELD mandate? Check out the section of the FMCSA’s website devoted to the ELD mandate and see if your questions can be answered in their ELD FAQs. You may also be interested in another blog article we published recently titled “Are You Prepared for the ELD Mandate?” We’ll continue to post ELD mandate updates on the SkyBitz Twitter, so be sure to follow @SkyBitz so you don’t miss anything!

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