Turn Freight Tender Rejections into Wins Using SkyBitz

turn freight tender rejections into wins

By Carolina Ruiz • Published March 19, 2021 • 4 minute read

Become the preferred carrier for broker business with clear data insight

With the tender rejections index at an all-time high, fluctuating in the mid 20% range, now is the time to tap into SkyBitz SmartTrailer technology to capture market share. While some carriers reject loads for more favorable spot rates, others can learn to adapt their business and capture new revenue streams through the tender rejection process.

Tender rejections are driven by inbound and outbound tender volumes and are calculated daily, so it’s important to keep an eye on the TRI for any fluctuation in activity. If inbound volume is higher than outbound volume, carriers are more likely to reject the tender because it will be harder to secure a backhaul. But, if you know you have assets in a certain market sitting idle and the outbound tender volumes rises, you can shift those idle assets into the upward trending market to capitalize on that volume. Those carries that have total visibility of their assets across markets can tap into the spot rate market and thrive.

As of recently, one in five shippers who try to secure a low contract rate are told they can’t, forcing them to go to the spot rate market. This is expensive and it usually means the shippers are not too happy with their carriers of choice, so they revert to brokers to find new carriers to take on loads.

SkyBitz SmartTrailer solutions revolutionize the way carriers see into their fleet of trailers, giving them location data, cargo capacity and volumetric data, photo backups, and access to critical reporting to improve efficiency throughout the entire operation. By directly increasing the ability to quickly dispatch assets needed for inbound or outbound loads, carriers can jump on broker requests and turn one-off loads into more contract wins.

Response time is the single most crucial aspect of working with brokers. By leveraging accurate trailer cargo data, SkyBitz gives carriers the planning insight necessary to see where and how their trailers are and quickly deploy all that can be used for spot rate loads sourced by brokers.

Now is a great time to leverage your fleet data to win new prospects by proving you have an eye on your fleet’s entire story, positioning you as the reliable carrier of choice for those rejected loads. Secure long-term success and capture more of the freight tender rejection market with SkyBitz as your asset management partner.