Cut Costs, Not Corners, in Your HVAC Business With These Game-Changing Fleet Tracking Tips

game changing fleet tracking solution

By SkyBitz • Published April 16, 2018 • 4 minute read

Using GPS tracking to manage your HVAC fleet is a well-worn best practice, but are you making the most of your technology? Is it time to consider a more advanced solution? Can the right fleet tracking solution help your technicians love their jobs, and customers love your company — all while saving time and budget?

With these tips and tricks, it absolutely can.

1. Use idle and maintenance reports to save massive budget over time.

Two major ways HVAC companies lose money is through idling and expensive vehicle repair costs. An advanced fleet tracking solution can track idling, alert you when it happens, and help you take steps to keep it to a minimum. Meanwhile, real-time maintenance alerts help you nip small issues in the bud before they become big, costly problems.

2. Save money and boost morale by gamifying great driving.

Fleet tracking shows you which drivers maintain safe speeds and avoid swerving. You can use this data to gamify good driving habits with a safety incentive program. By rewarding your best drivers each month, you give employees an achievement to work toward while saving money in motor vehicle violations and insurance.

3. Delight your customers by rerouting or deploying additional technicians when needed — instantly.

HVAC technicians know to expect the unexpected, both on the road and on site. With today’s fleet tracking solutions, you can reduce the number of “surprises” contractors encounter on the job while responding rapidly to detours, equipment malfunctions, and any issue that threatens customer satisfaction. Reroute drivers or deploy additional contractors to ensure timely, high-quality service.

4. Configure your own custom alerts, and receive them on any device.

No two HVAC companies are completely alike, so why settle for a standard set of out-of-the-box alerts? Modern fleet tracking solutions allow you to configure custom alerts tailored to your own business needs. Receive them on your phone, tablet, or desktop in real time to address challenges on the go, no matter where you are.

5. Integrate fleet tracking with two-way messaging to perfect team communication.

It takes more than great tech to ensure a team functions at 100%. For that, you also need great communication — but fleet tracking solutions help with that too! With two-way messaging, armed with the power of real-time alerts and GPS tracking, drivers and dispatchers can make data-driven decisions on the fly to deliver next-level customer service.

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