Shine Light on Your Cargo With the Latest Solution in Solar-Powered Asset Tracking – GXT5002C

Falcon GXT5002C

By SkyBitz • Published August 14, 2017 • 4 minute read

The future of asset management is here and it’s bright! Modern advancements are driving asset tracking technology towards the use of solar-power. What does that mean for you?


Although you may picture a trailer with giant solar panels strapped on top when thinking of solar combined with trailer tracking technology, that’s not how these high-tech, solar-powered asset tags roll. They’re small, but mighty, and pack a punch of surprises. Like the latest solar addition to the SkyBitz family, the Falcon GXT5002C.

Falcon GXT5002C: An Enhanced Asset Tracking Device

As an original innovator within the solar asset tracking space, we doubled down on our commitment to you since the release of our first solar device last fall, bringing you the Falcon GXT5002C less than one year later.

The Falcon GXT5002C is a solar-powered GPS asset management solution for better cargo visibility and utilization of unpowered assets, so you’re never in the dark. Users will find everything they loved about our first solar device, in addition to an integrated cargo design with built-in cargo sensors, LTE cellular network, and service life lasting the longevity of the asset.

The GXT5002C installed on an intermodal container.Features of the Falcon GXT5002C:

  • Efficient Solar Power
  • Service Life Lasting the Longevity of the Asset (about 10 years)
  • Integrated Cargo Design with Built-in Cargo Sensors
  • LTE Network with Seamless, North American Cross-Border Coverage
  • Under 15-Minute Install with Option to Install on Full Load
  • Military-Grade Durability
  • Backup Battery Life (about 3 months)

Integrated Design & Quick Install

The Falcon GXT5002C works on all assets, but is specially designed to fit in between the corrugations on an intermodal container. The device’s dimensions are 21.5″ x 3.75″ x 1.5″, and takes less than 15 minutes to install.

We also kept efficiency top of mind, as most similar products in the industry must be installed on an unloaded asset. The Falcon GXT5002C can be installed on a loaded container so you can return to moving freight on the open road (or rail) faster.

Fall 2017 Trade Show Schedule

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Dynamic Reporting Options

The Falcon GXT5002C provides relevant reporting, including on-road vs. on-rail profiling, and is configurable to each user’s needs. This actionable information allows users to cut costs and avoid capital expenditures by better using existing assets. Data can be requested from the GXT5002C on-demand and be programmed over-the-air, allowing customers to update reporting frequency and behavior. Reporting options include:

  • Arrival and Departure Times
  • Idle Durations
  • Mileage Driven
  • Accurate Locations
  • SkyFence Adherence and Security Alerts
  • Loaded or Unloaded via Cargo Sensor
  • Door Open or Closed via Door Sensor
  • Tire Pressure Status via Tire Sensor

You can also track, monitor, and manage your assets through the SkyBitz InSight web application.

Get the best in-transit visibility that you’ve come to expect from SkyBitz and the latest in solar-powered asset tracking devices.