Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Detention Billing Strategy with SkyBitz

10 ways improve detention billing

By Carolina Ruiz • Published March 10, 2021 • 4 minute read

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, one of the most valuable processes you can do to increase your bottom line is to nail down your detention billing strategy. As qualified drivers continue to be in high demand, ensuring their safety and satisfaction is paramount to your business.  Plus, the excessive strain on the supply chain due to the Coronavirus pandemic creates even more challenges for your organization, so squeezing every bit of margin out of your operation can make or break it when it comes to meeting your 2021 KPI goals.

Below is a list of the top ten things you can do to improve your strategy:

  1. Keep your drivers happy and productive
  2. Optimize dispatch by seeing inside your trailers at all times
  3. Correct loading mistakes before turning into client disputes
  4. Validate complaints by accessing real-time trailer data and images
  5. Right-size your fleet by accurately calculating available trailer space
  6. Improve maintenance protocols and reduce capital expense
  7. Provides you with an additional revenue stream, if elected
  8. Automates your detention billing process for faster invoicing
  9. Improve efficiency and transparency across the entire supply chain
  10. Improve maintenance of vehicles by reducing unnecessary idle time

SkyBitz InSight platform has the perfect blend of hardware and software solutions that offer customers a detention billing solution that meets all of the above business opportunities. SkyBitz SkyCamera offers targeted trailer data, including cargo space measurements, volumetric data, high-resolution photographs, and load in and out date and time stamps. Combined with the SkyBitz Kinnect solution, cargo and loading data trigger a more proactive response to detention scenarios through an easy-to-use application with advanced notifications and alerting features.

When carriers sign up for the SkyBitz InSight platform, the customer experience team helps set up all of their location data associated with customer sites so they can automatically recognize the carrier’s trucks upon entering the depot. The application, combined with SkyCamera and SkyKinnect, records photographs inside the trailer so carriers know if the trailer has material in it or is ready to take on another job. Not only does this resonate with your drivers because they’re not waiting on unloaded trailers, but accurate visibility into your trailers with load-in and load-out data allows you to see if your trailers are being used as storage and help eliminate theft.

Once your trailers hit a specified geofence and are sitting in that area for longer than the defined parameters, the application transmits appropriate data about the detention incident, allowing carriers to address the issue with the customer promptly. The SkyBitz Insight platform stores and logs those events so carriers can access historical data of customers that exceed the detention window each month, allowing them to set up a detention billing process if they choose to do so.

Leaders in the transportation space rely on SkyBitz to guide their technology roadmap, and detention billing is top of mind for every customer right now. Keeping up with current customer demand is no longer enough. Shipments have increased, forcing the most innovative carriers to look at the entire operation and reduce as many inefficiencies as possible.  Eliminating detention billing is the most significant part of that process.

For more information on retaining more qualified drivers and getting a handle on your detention situation, reach out to our SkyBitz Customer Team at 800.909.7845.