How to Meet Customer Freight Visibility Demands in 15 Minutes (or less)

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By Carolina Ruiz • Published October 8, 2021 • 4 minute read

As if getting loads delivered on time weren’t challenging enough, fleets must also meet the freight visibility requirements of shippers and freight brokers. Some customers want to receive automatic load tracking updates every hour. Others might expect the updates every 15 minutes or less.

Asking drivers to download a tracking app to meet visibility requirements is not a formidable strategy. Many drivers will flat-out refuse to have their phones be used as tracking devices.

Customers are not all that interested in the location of your drivers, anyway. What they really want to know is the location of their cargo. This makes the trailer the most important asset in the freight visibility equation.

SkyBitz has a trailer tracking solution, SkyVue, that is ideal for fleets to meet freight visibility demands. Visibility is not the only benefit. Carriers also gain security, productivity, and cost savings by using the maintenance-free trailer tracking device that has the lowest total cost of ownership in the market.

No-touch visibility

SkyBitz SkyVue is a self-contained, robust telematics device that is purposefully designed and built to last the full lifecycle of a dry van trailer or intermodal container assets. The devices install on trailer assets in under 15 minutes.

The hardware uses state-of-the-art lithium batteries augmented by fast-charging solar technology. This ample power supply is what enables SkyVue to use advanced GPS chipsets that provide extremely accurate location and mileage updates by operating on the LTE-M network and with 5G compatibility.

Competitive devices lack similar power capabilities, which results in shorter battery life and less accurate GPS reporting. If fleets need to use frequent reporting to meet customer visibility requirements and other operational needs, competitive devices can be depleted in as little as two years.

Having to replace tracking devices or batteries not only means buying additional hardware but also losing revenue from trailer downtime.

With SkyVue, users can adjust the frequency of tracking updates to meet changing business needs. Reporting profiles can be changed with the SkyBitz InSight web application and updated over the air. InSight also provides access to dashboards, data visualizations, and reports for a fleet-wide tracking solution.

No matter how frequent the reporting, SkyBitz SkyVue batteries will last more than five years to keep trailers on the road, where they belong, generating revenue.

Generating savings

In addition to meeting freight visibility requirements, with SkyVue motor carriers gain a direct line of sight into how their trailer and container assets are being used. With this information, users can hold customers accountable for detention, identify underutilized assets, and detect when trailers are being used without authorization.

Fleets can also achieve daily savings by using the technology to automate yard checks and locate available capacity.

Another way to use the cost-effective SkyVue solution is to replace outdated 3G telematics devices on older trailers. Rather than replace a sunsetting 3G device with a full-featured 5G/4G LTE telematics platform, fleets can deploy SkyVue to close out the lifecycle of older assets while maintaining essential visibility data.