cargo thefts in the red zone

What You Should Know About Cargo Thefts in the Red Zone

A recent issue of truckload thefts in what is called ‘the red zone’ has been a point of contention for carriers, shippers, logistics, and transportation companies. Many of these thefts are due to neglecting in-transit security best practices. The red zone is the area within 200 miles of load origin and is titled as such because of the many thefts that occur in this area. For example, in late November FreightWatch International, a cargo tracking firm, released a report alerting that 3 red zone thefts had taken place within the three weeks before the report.

Because this area attracts such a high amount of theft, it is best to clear the red zone as quickly as possible. In fact, the most effective way to avoid theft in the red zone is to avoid stopping and staging cargo within these first 200 miles. But, if drivers do have to stop within the red zone, they should do so with caution.

Following these precautions when stopping in the red zone can help prevent truckload thefts:

  • Monitor all stopping times and activity
  • Maintain consistent communication throughout stop
  • Avoid unattended cargo staging
  • Stop in a populated, well-lit area
  • Park up against a large obstacle to block the truck from being moved
  • Invest in theft prevention technology such as fuel cut offs
  • Invest in theft recovery technology such as GPS asset tracking

Truckload theft can incur millions in costs and damages. Proactive solutions, such as trailer tracking, are great way to recover any lost cargo. Learn more about SkyBitz’s trucking & logistics solutions, which are ideal for preventing incidents like these.

Published on March 9, 2015


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