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SkyBitz Launches Solar-Powered GPS Asset Management Solution

Benefits of tracking fleets with the powerful SkyBitz Falcon GXT5000

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest GPS asset tracking technology innovation: the SkyBitz Falcon GXT5000 a solar-powered GPS asset management solution. It solves the need to keep track of unpowered assets for long periods of time and operates on a 3G/4G cellular network that provides seamless North American cross-border coverage. From installation to operation, the new SkyBitz Falcon GXT5000 was designed to make asset management easier. This tracking system has many benefits that set it apart from other tracking solutions:  

Smart hardware design

The efficient Falcon GXT5000 offers a long service life through its solar powered panels, eliminating the hassle of changing batteries. It can provide on-demand reporting for up to 90 to 120 days without direct exposure to sunlight, which allows fleet managers to have continuous visibility of their assets no matter where they are. Installation is easy – in most cases less than 15 minutes – with no wiring, invasive drilling, or cutting required. The device features a low-profile, self-contained design that can be placed easily across your fleet, equipment, and cargo.

Useful information

With just-in-time information available at the click of a mouse, you have the power to make proactive decisions to increase efficiencies and better utilize your assets. In addition to the asset location, the solution accommodates other valuable sensor information. The data delivered through the Falcon GXT5000 gives information that is vital to cost-cutting measures, better asset utilization, self-diagnostics, and troubleshooting information. Fleet managers will be able to identify idle assets, respond quickly to revenue opportunities, and cut costs effectively.

Fast ROI with SkyBitz as a Service

If you opt into the SkyBitz as a Service program, your company can implement solutions from SkyBitz quickly and without upfront capital expense. SkyBitz makes it easier for you to reduce capital expenditures, optimize asset utilization, eliminate the potential for “lost” assets, increase detention billing, track stolen assets, and improve customer service. The Falcon GXT5000 combined with SkyBitz as a Service will deliver ROI soon after installation across your fleet.

This solar powered asset tracking system is a strong advancement for fleet management hardware. Find out more about the SkyBitz Falcon GXT5000 here!

Published on November 30, 2016


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