Smart Trailers – More Than Dots on a Map

By SkyBitz • Published May 25, 2016 • 3 minute read

Using Smart Sensors for Proactive Maintenance

As supply chains have increased in global scale and complexity, trailer tracking has given trucking companies and operators greater visibility into their trailers and intermodal containers. But companies need more than just visibility into where their trucks are on a daily basis. Rather, they need smart sensor and remote asset management to track, monitor, and report the location and the condition of their trailers, containers, and cargo. With smart sensors that allow for more proactive maintenance and control over trailer fleets, companies are able to drive more informed business decisions, more efficient operational processes, and greater profitability. Companies have the ability to take their trailer visibility and management a step further with these smart sensors:

Cargo Sensors

Cargo sensors, such as the SkyBitz Cargo Sensor, utilize ultrasonic technology to monitor the entire length of a container. Cargo sensors assure remote asset management by allowing drivers to skip yard checks and use their time more effectively to help drive greater profitability. Cargo sensors also give load status updates and allow companies to run reports on its trailers and containers to find and turn around available assets.

Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors

Tires are the top maintenance cost for fleet companies. With tire pressure monitor sensors, companies can monitor their fleet’s tires in real-time to reduce road-side service calls and early tire removal, and improve fuel economy. If there is a problem with a truck’s tire system, a notification is immediately sent out to all parties involved to ensure the right actions are taken to minimize maintenance costs.

Door Sensors

With door sensors, companies are now made aware of unauthorized door openings in real time for peace of mind and that extra level of safety and security needed when transporting valuable cargo. These sensors reduce cargo theft and loss, improve detection of tampering, and provide instant notification of door open/close events.

Benefits of Remote Asset Management and Smart Sensors

Asset management systems, intermodal logistics tracking and smart sensors go beyond proactive maintenance and drive business success through:

  • Reduced operating costs and increased trailer utilization for greater profitability.
  • Reduced inventories and lead times.
  • The support of continuous supply chain optimization for faster and more dependable services.