track the tree 2015

Track the Tree 2015

Following the Capitol Christmas Tree from Alaska to Washington, D.C.

Have you even wondered where the Capitol Christmas Tree comes from?

Since 1970, the U.S. Forest Service has chosen a different national park each year to contribute a tree. This year’s official tree, a 74-foot-tall Lutz spruce from Chugach National Forest, is the first ever from the state of Alaska. Chugach National Forest is noteworthy since it is both the northernmost and westernmost national forest of all 154.

From Chugach National Forest near Seward, Alaska, through the northwest wilderness, across the Gulf of Alaska by ship, and finally from Seattle through the continental U.S. to the nation’s capital, the 2015 Capitol Christmas Tree will take a truly amazing journey traversing more than 4,000 miles.

Along the way, the tree will pass through communities across the country and guests will have an opportunity to sign the official banner which will accompany the tree in Washington, D.C. There are about 15 special ceremonies planned along the route to celebrate the journey. The entire trip culminates with the official lighting December 2 on the Capitol’s West Front when the Speaker of the House lights the tree.

With so much excitement surrounding the Capitol Christmas Tree’s journey from coast to coast, you might be asking where the tree is right now. It might even be passing through your neighborhood.

Did you know it’s possible to track the Christmas tree during its entire journey? For the eighth year, SkyBitz has lent tracking services to the Capital Christmas Tree journey. At you can track the tree in real time, view upcoming stops, learn fun facts about locations along the route, and find out if the Capitol Christmas Tree will travel through a town near you.

Along the way, photos will be shared across social media. We hope you enjoy tracking the journey of the Capitol Christmas Tree this year!

Published on November 6, 2015


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