How SkyBitz Asset Monitoring is a Fundamental Component to your Trailer Business

trailer asset monitoring analytics

By Carolina Ruiz • Published November 5, 2020 • 3 minute read

Integrating the Right Tools to Maximize Capacity and Stay Competitive in Today’s Market

Fleet managers understand the value data can provide if aggregated and appropriately disseminated, but most don’t quite know how to tackle the task of analyzing data and reconfiguring it into reports or dashboards that make sense for their organization. They want to learn what specific insight they should be pulling out of their data and how to keep up with it, so it continues to impact their bottom-line month after month.

Many understand SkyBitz as a telematics provider, and while that is true, we are a data analytics provider at the core. Our solutions tap into the “brains” of machines and equipment to extract data that lets customers know where it is, how it is doing, who is handling it, and when it needs help.

This information affects every single person and touches every department in the fleet organization in one way or another. Fleet managers get a sense of how safe their drivers are, and when available drivers can pick up trailers ready for loading and shipping. Accounting can attach images and provide proof of delivery when invoicing clients. Each department can tap into these data points to improve their particular area of operation for maximum efficiency.

So, how do you go from telematics to data analytics?

We pulled together a list of how to identify tools and processes that help get more from your trailer data, as an excellent first step:

  1. Locate and record how many monitored trailers you have;
  2. Record who, how often, and what action is taken by accessing this data;
  3. Determine existing KPIs that are set forth by your company and how this data is used against your KPI goals;
  4. Identify which trailers are track and trace versus providing you with in-depth data such as cargo imaging, theft control, idle alerts;
  5. Determine which department is not receiving reports that could be of benefit to them.

At SkyBitz, we have technology that provides insight into your entire fleet and trailer business. For asset and trailer tracking customers, our SmartTrailer platform allows you to not only track where your trailers are in the yard, but identify load capacity, allocate drivers at precisely the right time, improve safety, and integrate all data into back-office systems such as ERP and TMS systems.