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”From Tree to Shining Tree”: Tracking the Capitol Christmas Tree

One of our long-standing traditions and partnerships at SkyBitz is the annual GPS tracking of the Washington, D.C. Capitol Christmas tree.

This year’s Capitol Christmas tree comes from the Payette National Forest in Idaho, and it traveled over 2,500 miles to reach its final destination. Because SkyBitz is able to offer real-time tracking and information on cargo shipments, the tree’s path was traced as it traveled through 11 states to make it to D.C.

Before the tree was moved onto the truck, community members carefully wrapped it to ensure its safe delivery, while SkyBitz engineers were on site to install our state-of-the-art trailer tracking system onto the truck and trailer. The tree was tracked during every part of the trip, and our technology allowed people to see where the tree was so they could visit it in person during its many stops along the way. Everyone interested in the tree was able to have peace of mind knowing that its location and status were available at all times from the SkyBitz proprietary tracking solution.

Along the way, the tree stopped at many national parks, notable monuments, and fun events meant to get everyone in the holiday spirit. The final leg of its journey was on November 27th when it reached the Air Force District of Washington. Servicemen and women prepared it for the journey to the U.S. Capitol Lawn the next morning. The tree’s trip is truly a celebration of the communities throughout the United States, and a reminder that this season is a time of partnering with one another in celebration.

The Capitol Christmas tree’s journey can be revisited on the Track the Tree website, as well as on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Learn more here about the technology SkyBitz uses to monitor the Capitol Christmas Tree every year, as well as how this proprietary tracking solution is used for cargo and fleet tracking year-round.

Published on December 27, 2016


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