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Vehicle GPS Tracking is Improving Waste & Recycling Safety

The waste and recycling industry has started to adopt a variety of technologies for safety programs. They are being used to improve safety initiatives by reducing accidents, increasing accountability, and increasing driver awareness. In fact, the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) is going to be including these types of safety technologies into the 2016 safety manual.

Not only do these safety technologies increase accountability, the insights from the data can be used for training purposes. For full scale safety enhancements, behavior-based safety programs are being implemented in conjunction with safety technology. Though different companies and organizations are handling these safety initiatives differently, some of processes being adopted range from automated collection systems to exterior sensors to GPS asset tracking.

Automated waste collection vehicles are able to empty trash receptacles without drivers having to get out of their cars. This saves on driver energy and increases the speed of trash collection. It also eliminates lifting injuries and injuries by passing cars, which are common.  GPS tracking has had a similar influential effect on waste management operations. In fact, one company believes that GPS tracking alone has increased its drivers’ safety by 25 percent.

  • Why GPS asset tracking benefits the waste management industry:
  • Continuous live feedback on fleet location
  • Waste bin and container tracking capabilities across waste management chain
  • Detailed driving instructions for collection sites
  • Increased route efficiency based on length and typical traffic patterns
  • Access to Individual driver logs, which can be used for analysis
  • Prevention of vehicle mismanagement
  • Live traffic and weather updates
  • Truck theft prevention and asset recovery
  • Decreased and streamlined paperwork

Like many industries that involved transportation, GPS tracking is becoming increasingly popular for much more than just safety purposes. Simply for cost efficiency and time efficiency, GPS tracking can streamline entire waste management operations. If you’re interested in the ways that GPS asset tracking has improved other industries, read our article on the 7 ways asset tracking revolutionized fleet management.

Published on April 27, 2015


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