Maximize Freight Loads. Maximize Margins.

maximize freight loads

By Carolina Ruiz • Published February 25, 2020 • 4 minute read

Having access to every aspect of shipper information across the supply chain seems like a necessity for all freight providers, but companies today still lack visibility where it counts. Newer technologies such as hardware equipped with volumetric capabilities are significantly improving the way providers manage shipments, and they’re reaping the rewards when it comes to customer satisfaction because of it.

There are three ways that freight management technology enables partners across the entire supply chain to be more productive – speed or time to delivery, value to each partner, and efficiency throughout the entire process. But, for optimum efficiency across the entire ecosystem, data needs to be transferred into bits of information that each partner can use for their business benefit. Collaboration is vital when it comes to improving total supply chain efficiency.

From when a customer first places their order, data can be used to determine if that shipment needs to travel via one mode, such as a truck or through multiple modes to ensure the fastest delivery time. However, consolidation of shipments is only beneficial if the costs are managed, and the value derived is there to maximize margins and remain competitive. Being able to compare these shipping options through software systems can then help streamline dispatch processes such as driver status, cargo loads, and truck maintenance schedules.

Volumetric Sensor Technology

With advanced technologies such as volumetric sensors, customers can begin to identify ways in which they can improve their freight loads. Customers using this technology now have access to accurate volumetric calculations of total cubic space within their trailer or intermodal container, as well as total floor space. In addition to packing the most into every shipment and improving margins, cameras help eliminate theft and provide a means for ensuring a digital paper trail when it comes to the reconciliation of invoices.

Equipped with advanced cameras that provide brilliantly clear images, volumetric data can also improve the entire supply chain strategy by immediately identifying issues and communicating proper packaging methods with shipping customers. Volumetric capabilities offer precise and accurate data, reducing costly damage claims, as well as lost revenue and time associated with repackaging freight to help avoid those claims.

The intermodal market is highly active and continues to show steady growth as we move further into 2020. Advances in hardware, software, and sensor-based technology are shaping the way providers analyze and shape their businesses’ performance. Freight management tools are becoming increasingly important as customers look to their provides to help keep shipping costs down while delivering their products faster than ever.