Kuantum Trailer Telematics Eliminates Guesswork

By Carolina Ruiz • Published May 17, 2023 • 5 minute read

In transportation, challenges are never in short supply. Now, thanks to the latest innovation from SkyBitz, fleets can at least mark equipment mismanagement off the list. Kuantum improves on best-in-class trailer tracking and adds ultrasonic cargo sensor capabilities to create a real-time line of sight to the location and status of a trailer. Better data means better performance. Kuantum monitors each mile and minute so fleets can make the most of every asset.

Why Kuantum?

Kuantum offers unique benefits not available in most trailer-tracking solutions. The technology is the newest version of the number one selling product in trailer telematics history. Kuantum builds on the bestseller’s integrated cargo sensors with a future-proof platform that improves GPS tracking accuracy and delivers high-frequency reporting.

The solution includes a larger rechargeable solar battery that is eight times more powerful than other trailer monitoring systems. The battery improves functionality in high altitudes and low-light regions. Indirect light, rather than only direct sunlight, contributes to battery recharging ensuring the solution remains operable anywhere.

Fleets can expect the new technology to last the life of a trailer or container. Kuantum uses 5G/LTE cellular radio to communicate even from remote locations. The technology will keep pace with cellular developments for at least the next 10 years without requiring an upgrade. The device also uses BLE 5.0, advanced Bluetooth technology, to work across every inch of a 53-foot metal trailer.

Fleets gain these benefits and more all with a simple 15-minute install.

How Does Kuantum Solve Fleet Pain Points?

Kuantum’s integrated cargo sensors eliminate the guesswork from asset management. That means more utilization, capacity, and driver productivity. Most importantly, Kuantum offers data that leads to dollars by creating more revenue opportunities.

  1. Maximize hauling capacity. Kauntum captures advanced usage information for every asset. Fleets immediately see how well their trailers are being managed. The technology reports how long an asset is sitting, when it gets unloaded, and how often the equipment is moving empty. Just one additional turn per week for every trailer could equate to thousands of dollars in added revenue.
    Kuantum’s trailer utilization data also significantly improves capital expense forecasts. Using existing equipment more efficiently minimizes the need to rent trailers during seasonal surges. Fleets know their true utilization numbers and can better decide how many assets to buy during refresh cycles. They also can sell off assets that go consistently underused rather than continuing their depreciation.
  2. Reduce trailer idling and improve turn times. Kuantum’s cargo sensor provides real-time information on a trailer’s loaded status. The technology tracks if an asset is inbound loaded, outbound loaded, or empty. Kuantum also captures how long the trailer has been in the status. No longer do dispatchers need to wait to pick up a trailer after getting the “all clear” signal from the shipper. They can call to confirm the information provided in the system and get a truck moving. This to-the-minute reporting helps fleets book more loads and reposition assets to put capacity where it is needed to earn revenue.
  3. Find empty trailers with speed and confidence. Many fleets rely on driver feedback or outdated data on a trailer’s location. Kauntum automatically captures the information using real-time GPS data. People can search for available trailers directly from their TMS or by using the SkyBitz InSight portal. Fleets can search by movement status, loaded status, and location using a mileage radius to find all available equipment within a geographic zone. Trailers appear on a digital map making them easier for drivers to find. Fleets using Kuantum also can assess trailer status by shipping location. The system tracks idle time down to the hour. Staff can sort the data to find dwell times above the allowable threshold to get equipment back in circulation.
  4. Improve detention billing. Without cargo sensors, detention claims rely on the word of the customer. This often means foregoing thousands of dollars in unbilled detention every month. Kuantum monitors a trailer’s arrival and departure time, as well as its loaded or unloaded cargo status. The information feeds a cargo detention report which includes exact details on when detention began, the amount of time, and the trigger for its end. The report provides concrete evidence for billing and defending detention with customers. Fleets leveraging Kuantum can ensure that wasted time does not mean wasted revenue.

See More with SkyBitz

SkyBitz has delivered industry-leading telematics solutions for more than 20 years. In fact, we invented the industry. Kuantum is the latest innovation for helping fleets run their assets more efficiently and effectively. The purpose-built, long-lasting device takes on some of the most complex challenges in logistics. With SkyBitz Kuantum, fleets eliminate equipment management guesswork. It’s our guarantee. Schedule a demo to see Kuantum in action.