A Simple Approach to Automating Driver & Dispatch Functions

Fuel Delivery Dispatch Software

By SkyBitz • Published August 9, 2019 • 4 minute read

Automation is an over-used word when it comes to tech companies today. You can’t automate processes and reap the rewards unless your organization has identified structural and procedural challenges that automation can assist with, and then strategically set goals around implementing those new processes throughout the operation.

One of the foundational components of an automated system is to have transparent, real-time and historical data that allows multiple parties to be able to access it.

In the Petroleum industry, there is a range of wireless tracking systems that provide real-time information to drivers, dispatch, and management, so everyone is working with the most accurate customer information.

Propane Delivery Dispatch Software SmartTruck App

In addition to quick-install tank monitoring solutions that provide efficient ways to route deliveries while maximizing margins, SkyBitz offers SMARTruck technology to drivers.

  • These advanced yet easy-to-use handheld devices eliminates hours of paper-based processes.
  • Drivers no longer have to manually enter driver logs, delivery tickets, and BOL’s (bills of lading) that don’t reconcile at the end of the day.
  • Centralizing dispatch with driver and truck activity in real-time now becomes an automated process that is visible across the entire operation with the click of a button.

Drivers now have the ability to real-time chat and message the home office immediately when there’s a discrepancy with a particular transaction. This allows managers the ability to react quickly to address any driver or on-site customer issues.

Smarter Decisions

From simple tasks like tracking GPS location and speed to integrated technologies such as trailer tracking cameras for BOL Image Capture, these devices allow your entire team to eliminate hours of wasted time and late nights after a long day.

SkyBitz offers professional propane dispatch delivery services to our customers to help map out current business processes, identify gaps, and determine specific targets within your business that yields the most substantial results when it comes to automating your operation.