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SkyBitz Real Time Tank Data

By SkyBitz • Published July 19, 2019 • 3 minute read

Your customers rely on you to know when their tanks need to be serviced. Dispatching drivers too early results in over-servicing their tanks, which dramatically reduces your margins because tanks are being topped off rather than strategically filled.

On the other hand, miscalculating tank levels and risking runout is even worse. So, how do you find the perfect balance and address these customer supply challenges?

SkyBitz SmartTank Solutions – How It Helps?

The SkyBitz SmartTank solution has a quick ROI (return on investment) and can easily be installed to address issues such as runouts, small deliveries, or tanks that won’t hold what the customer ordered.

By implementing pressure sensors directly to your customers’ tanks during installation, tank level data is uploaded to the portal and can be sent to dispatch, management and even to drivers.

Dispatch can then use the information to decide whether they need to schedule a customer immediately or if they can hold off and consolidate servicing based on days of the week, available drivers, geography, or even traffic conditions.

SmartTank Analytics portal can provide you with data on tank level, details, trends, logging, reports, and tools, all right at your fingertips with both a desktop and mobile app.

It is using predictive analytics based on historical tank data, allowing you to schedule only the deliveries that are required each day to satisfy customer demand. This data helps your dispatch team better manage run-outs and reduces your driver schedule while increasing the amount of product.

The benefits of accurate, real-time tank level data and optimized fleet routing help most customers achieve a positive ROI in one year. SkyBitz SmartTank gives distributors the real-time data needed to maximize revenue per delivery to a population of tanks while minimizing the associated delivery costs.