Harness Digital Tank Data Using Mobile Apps

fuel propane tank level monitor mobile app

By SkyBitz • Published August 2, 2019 • 4 minute read

One of the quickest ways to realize ROI when it comes to a tank monitoring solution is to recognize how much more efficient your operation runs when you eliminate manual data entry processes. Consider that we live in a mobile-friendly era; your employees rely on smartphones to make their lives easier.

Mobile apps in the tank industry are user-friendly tools that provide timely and accurate customer data needed to control distribution costs across the organization.

SkyBitz SmartTank solution offers the functionality of the SmartTank Tank Level and Analytics Portal to mobile device users. By integrating the SmartTank solution across your business, you’ll be able to see the status of all of your tanks on a single map or list view, from your desktop or mobile app.

Installation of the tank level devices at customer sites can also be performed by using the mobile app, in most instances at an average of approximately fifteen minutes per tank. Plus, service technicians can make tank modifications while on-site as well.

This decreases installation and maintenance time across your entire customer base, allowing new customers to be up and running in less time.

Over-servicing tanks, inefficient driver routes, emergency deliveries – these are just a few challenges that can be reduced by using a SkyBitz wireless tank monitoring solution and the accompanying mobile app. Drivers can deliver the right amount of product without the risk of over-servicing or having to make emergency deliveries which cut deep into your margins.

Dispatch and Operations now have visibility into tank status, delivery efficiencies and alerts, either via the desktop portal or through their mobile device.

From purchasing and finance, to dispatch and drivers, ensuring a seamless flow of data from the customer site back to the home office is essential when trying to keep costs down, productivity up, and customers happy.