Implementation Made Easy for Minimal Downtime

access tank level data from anywhere

By SkyBitz • Published July 26, 2019 • 3 minute read

Implementing a wireless tank monitoring platform will save your organization money. There is no doubt about that. But, how do you justify the downtime when you finally take the plunge and work towards transforming your company into a digitally streamlined operation?

First, consider how many tanks are in your operation. Our average customer saves 40% of their annual delivery cost using the SkyBitz SmartTank monitoring solution.

SkyBitz has done a great job of going out to our locations, training our people and getting them to move that mindset to the monitor system – By RelaDyne

For a customer with 1,000 tanks, SmartTank can reduce the cost of delivery per gallon from $0.11 to $0.06. That’s a pretty hefty figure, and that doesn’t even consider turning your inefficient administrative processes into paperless, easily accessible reports for management.

Realizing this still may prompt you to question when a good time to implement a solution would be, consider how technology has changed over the years. What used to require an installation roll-out only by your solution provider, can now be done in less than fifteen minutes per tank by one of your team members using a mobile app.

How to Skybitz Tank Monitoring Installation:

Second, consider implementing monitoring services in phases if that is less disruptive. We recommend a using one of your customers’ sites or potentially executing a smaller number of tanks in one geographic area first.

This way, your team can ramp up their knowledge of the data and familiarize themselves with the application and how best to use it throughout their week.

Once you begin to recognize how you can use tank data to predict things like more efficient roll-outs or cut down on pilfering, it will be easy to schedule future installations and establish monitoring across all of your customer sites.

Plus, your management team can use tank monitoring reports to show factual data to your customers, ensuring they are receiving reliable and accurate service.

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