Simplify Delivery. Increase Profits.

Simplify Delivery. Increase Profits - Tank Monitoring

By SkyBitz • Published July 12, 2019 • 3 minute read

Are you still guessing when it comes to scheduling your tank deliveries? If so, take a step back and analyze just how much you could be saving if you implemented a tank monitoring solution.

Consider the cost per location to send a truck and the tank’s capacity, (and whether or not it is filled at the optimal percentage of 80%).

Combine that with the number of locations serviced daily, and you will quickly see that not optimizing the most efficient deliveries in a dense route can cost your department and the company thousands of dollars a month.

Simplified Tank Monitoring System

One of the most common challenges distributors face is trying to eliminate the guesswork when it comes to tank service. Fortunately, tank monitoring technology is easy to install, and you can immediately start to optimize your delivery routes using the data coming from a tank monitoring solution.

How to Install Skybitz Tank Monitoring System:

SkyBitz SmartTank solutions allow you to see what’s inside your serviceable tanks using tank level devices and an easy-to-use application.

Tank level gauges ensure tanks are running at optimum efficiency, allowing you to schedule tank service only at the optimal time, which will enable you to focus on moving your trucks around to locations that make sense that day of the week.

If your company is delivering at about a 45% tank efficiency rate, which is usually industry standard, a remote tank monitoring solution can often double that number.

Cases differ per customer, but if you are averaging approximately 450 gallons to a 1000-gallon tank, you can increase your efficiency to 75% with tank monitoring. Instead of taking 450 gallons to that 1000-gallon tank, you can now be delivering 700- 800 gallons!

Think about how efficient your tank dispatch team can be if they have this tank data before sending drivers out for the week. Plus, reports can be used to aid in predictive analysis so the entire operation can run more efficiently.