Sticking It to Manual Tank Level Measurements

sticking it to manual tank level measurements with remote tank monitoring

By SkyBitz • Published October 31, 2017 • 4 minute read

Relying on manual tank sticking may be sticking you and your company with higher costs. You could have more accurate information that keeps your customers full and happy.

Are you wondering how to best monitor tank levels? The data you get from tank monitoring technology can help you save dollars and time.

The advantage of tank monitoring software is that you get the ability to run your business efficiently based on accurate data from your tanks. That way, you don’t have to roll a truck to find out if a tank is still half full or send a driver on an emergency trip because of a surge in usage.

If you or your customers are using manual tank gauging, you won’t have accurate information. Sometimes you can’t even stick the tank because of the type of substance inside the tank (such as propane or anything under pressure), leading to guesses. Sometimes people even hit a tank to see if it sounds hollow! These data inaccuracies are added costs to your bottom line that tank monitoring can eliminate.

If you rely on sticking or knocking a tank, you don’t get full visibility into what is going on inside. With tank monitoring, you will never have to deal with manual tank checks or inaccurate readings again. You can stay informed with the most accurate information for bulk tanks, mini-bulk tanks, and totes.

Use Tank Monitoring to Keep Customers at the Fill Line and Protect Your Bottom Line

A SkyBitz Tank Monitoring case study examined how a supplier of environmentally-friendly cleaning chemicals faced the challenge of making deliveries more efficient. The company had clients that used their industrial soaps for a wide variety of purposes—everything from cleaning eggs to automotive mufflers—and they were doing a lot of guesswork to determine how often these customers needed stock replenished. At one point, the company was topping off tanks, which left them with leftover product that couldn’t be reused.

The CEO recognized that they needed a way to keep tanks full efficiently, so they sought out a remote tank monitoring solution. The company found the tank monitoring solution offered by SkyBitz, which helped the company to maximize fill efficiencies by knowing the exact needs of each unique customer.

SkyBitz Tank Monitoring’s remote hardware monitors levels from inside the tank and uploads the data to a server accessible by both the supplier and customer. This way, the company and its customers have transparency with real-time data, and the monitoring solution is tucked away safely in the tank. Tank monitoring allowed the industrial soap company’s customers to have peace of mind knowing they have an uninterrupted supply of industrial soap. SkyBitz allowed the company to save money on fuel and labor costs through consolidating routes and becoming a more seamless part of its customers businesses.

Stick with a tank monitoring solution that helps you run your business as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Contact SkyBitz Tank Monitoring to learn more!