Now is the Time to Take Advantage of the Data from your SkyBitz Tank Monitoring Solution

How to Take Advantage of Real Time Tank Data

By Carolina Ruiz • Published July 23, 2020 • 3 minute read

Recently, companies worldwide were forced to shift their mindset and focus on finding new ways to operate while maintaining profitability. In the distribution market, organizations that have embraced technology found themselves way ahead of the curve, using data to streamline their business processes to maximize margins while addressing the dip in demand head-on.

For over 22 years, SkyBitz has been assisting our tank monitoring customers to understand how to take full advantage of the data our tank monitors provide. Technology is continually changing, but the methods for analyzing and improving a distribution operation, regardless of product type, remain similar in strategy and implementation requirements.

Setting up key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be measured, recorded, and met consistently is one of the most critical factors in achieving operational goals.

Simplification of data and the user experience through the monitoring platform is a close second. If data output is too complicated, it will not be used to its fullest potential. The ability to quickly analyze and utilize the data collected from SkyBitz tank monitors directly correlates to improved efficiencies and profitability.

SkyBitz SmartTank monitors provide all tank data, regardless of monitor hardware, on a single portal. It gives distributors the data needed to maximize revenue per delivery while minimizing the associated delivery costs.

It’s no secret that tank monitoring provides a quick ROI that is directly attributed to reduced tank servicing costs and improved inventory management. For companies that have not realized how to capture this data accurately, SkyBitz has experienced teams that can help.

This is the year to fully understand the potential of a sound tank monitoring solution, and information is at the heart of your ROI.