Tank Logistics Innovation: How a Single Tank Monitoring and Dispatch Solution Maximizes ROI

Tank Monitoring and Dispatch for Innovation

By Carolina Ruiz • Published August 25, 2021 • 4 minute read

Petroleum and chemical distributors are accustomed to using tank monitoring sensors and dispatch software. Each of these technologies brings value.

Tank monitors eliminate the pain points of calling customers or manually sticking tanks to obtain fill-level data. Getting automatic, real-time tank readings simplifies the ordering process. Distributors will no longer guess when customers need deliveries.

Automatic Fuel Distrubution Device

SmartTruck Delivery App

Dispatch software makes it possible to create efficient and more profitable delivery schedules and routes.

Plenty of vendors provide hardware and software systems for tank monitoring and dispatch, but the systems only do one or the other. Not both. For distributors to maximize their return on investment (ROI) in these systems, both will need to function as a single solution from the start.

SkyBitz has made this scenario possible by launching SmartTank Dispatch. The software-as-a-service platform combines real-time telemetry data from SmartTank wireless tank monitoring sensors with an automated dispatch system to generate orders, optimally sequence delivery routes and streamline back-office functions.

Real-time tank level inventory visibility combined with comprehensive planning and dispatching creates time savings, eliminates errors, and enables distributors to fulfill customer will-call orders and keep-full arrangements with higher levels of productivity and profitability.

SmartTank Tank Data

As a turnkey solution, the onboarding process for SmartTank Dispatch is simple. Distributors can deploy the software-as-a-service quickly, at scale, to decrease labor costs and drive workflow automation.

Optimized routes from SmartTank Dispatch can be printed or sent to assigned drivers electronically via a mobile dispatch application.

The opportunity to maximize ROI from the single tank monitoring and dispatch system is achieved rapidly through four main channels:

1. Automating the order lifecycle

SmartTank Dispatch auto-generates orders from accurate tank readings and forecasting feed that come from the SmartTank wireless tank monitoring system.

2. Eliminating guesswork.

Accurate, real-time visibility of tank levels and intuitive route planning tools help to prevent runouts and false alarms that otherwise result in costly emergency deliveries.

3. Optimizing routes.

With a few clicks, users can synchronize field asset data — trucks, drivers, and shifts — for dispatch and create optimized route plans based on fastest, shortest distance, or Hazmat preferences.

4. Order reconciliation.

Once orders are delivered, SmartTank Dispatch can auto-complete and reconcile gallons ordered with gallons delivered using real-time tank fill status updates.

Based on current industry averages, distributors with un-monitored tanks or non-forecasted orders have a delivery efficiency of about 40%.

With SkyBitz SmartTank Dispatch, distributors can expect to quickly and easily achieve a 75% or higher efficiency rate for immediate payback.

As a cloud-based solution, SmartTank Dispatch also gives distributors all the tools they need to complete the daily workflow of managing orders and delivery routes through a single application that users can access from anywhere. The digital workflow can help businesses operate without disruption.