Cargo Transporters Maximizes Trailer Utilization and Driver Experience
with SkyBitz.

“Embracing a reliable, modern trailer tracking system drives new efficiencies.”

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One of the most positive things we’ve experienced is that hardware failures are essentially non-existent – John Pope, Chairman, Cargo Transporters

Cargo Transporters, Inc. is an asset-based transportation operation with intrastate and interstate common and contract authority that delivers truckload dry van service.

The Claremont, N.C.-based company has a technologically enhanced fleet of over 480 tractors and 1,700 trailers in the 48 continental United States with a special emphasis on lanes east of the Rockies.

Trailer Tracking Case Study


Reliability issues prompted a search for a new solution.

Cargo Transporters was experiencing ongoing hardware failures from legacy tethered and untethered trailer tracking solutions due to battery failures and connectivity issues. On any given day, the company lacked visibility of between 15 and 20% of its trailer fleet.

This caused drivers to waste time searching for available units and led to frustrations, especially during bad weather. Reliability issues prompted a search for a new solution in 2018.

battery powered trailer tracking device


SkyCamera – Cargo Trailer Sensor Camera

Cargo Transporters assessed three different systems before deciding to partner with SkyBitz®. “SkyBitz was the perfect fit from a product perspective, but it also came down to the relationship we had with the SkyBitz® team on both the sales and technical side. We knew this partnership would have longevity, which was important to us,” said John Pope, Chairman of Cargo Transporters.

The company began converting to the SkyBitz Falcon GXT5002C asset tracking solution with integrated cargo sensor. Recently, the company began implementing the SkyBitz Kinnect telematics platform on new trailers and to date has installed 100 SkyBitz SkyCamera sensors for its evolving business needs.

SkyBitz Kinnect Trailer Tracking Device

“The SkyBitz SkyCamera provides us with accurate load and unload data, and it also protects our drivers against potential cargo claims from shippers if something was strapped incorrectly, for example. We now have a stronger sense of security via the images provided by SkyCamera with how things were loaded,” Pope said.

Tony from Bennett Family of Companies

John Pope,
Cargo Transporters

Cargo Transporters + SkyBitz

“”One of the most positive things we’ve experienced is that hardware failures are essentially non-existent.”

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Reporting the loaded or unloaded status of trailers with certainty.

Cargo Transporters quickly put SkyBitz data to use for improving driver productivity and satisfaction. The company added a “Find My Trailer” feature to its mobile driver app. After typing in an assigned trailer number, the app displays the asset’s last reported position on a map. Drivers can then use the app to get turn-by-turn directions to the precise location.

This is a huge time-saving benefit for drivers, especially in large locations where there can be hundreds of trailers to sort through, all with small numbers on them. The app removes that time-consuming search,” Pope said.

With operating costs rising and the utilization of trailers becoming more challenging, Cargo Transporters has leveraged SkyBitz data to better understand how customers utilize their trailers. If trailers were sitting idle for longer periods at one customer, fleet managers can shift trailers to locations where they are needed to meet demand and maximize revenue.

Finding the huge benefit

Also, if trailers are detained by customers at loading or unloading locations, these events are tracked in detail. The data from SkyBitz flows directly into the company’s back-office systems to have operational visibility and to automate detention billing.

The reliability of SkyBitz hardware and software has saved Cargo Transporters money and the return on investment continues to multiply from using new features, functionalities, and accessories like SkyBitz SkyCamera. The company has not had any cargo claims since using the technology.

SkyCamera captures images at critical moments during the lifecycle of loads, reports the loaded or unloaded status of trailers with certainty, as well as the percentage of volume and floor space remaining to help the company optimally match equipment to loads.

One of the most positive things we’ve experienced is that hardware failures are essentially non-existent,” said Pope. “That’s been a huge benefit for us.

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