Henniff Transportation Systems Enhances Security and Efficiencies with Asset Tracking Technology

Experience, integrity and a solid track record have earned Heniff Transportation Systems a reputation as a proven leader in the seamless transportation of liquid bulk chemicals throughout the continental U.S. and Canada. Utilizing a broad and growing list of assets — including hundreds of tractors and trailers, specialty trailers with compartments, lined tanks, temperature controlled equipment, ISO, commercial tank cleaning, and more — Heniff’s mission is to efficiently transport customers’ chemicals safely, securely and on-time, every time.


When you operate in the chemical industry, quick and accurate access to information is crucial. Specialty chemicals, such as latex, solvents and hazardous materials, require specific types of trailers that must be carefully coordinated. Operations and dispatching teams must be able to accurately determine which type of equipment is available and how far away it is so that it can be quickly re-assigned. Furthermore, security is paramount when chemicals and hazardous materials are involved, making constant visibility vital.

For this reason, Heniff first began placing orders with SkyBitz in 2006. However, as Heniff’s fleet size grew and newer technology solutions became available, its needs progressed. During its re-evaluation, Heniff was looking for a service that would perform remote yard checks, determine trailer inactivity and give them real-time tracking of its assets for increased visibility.


After conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the available solutions, Heniff ultimately selected SkyBitz to continue to be its asset management solutions provider. Heniff updated its fleet with the award-winning Falcon series products along with the subscription-based enterprise solution, SkyBitz as a Service (SBS).

“We were attracted to the new SkyBitz as a Service offering because it opens the doors to provide our customers and us real-time tracking, notifications and reporting with a top focus on security along with location information,” said Justin Neal, Director of Business Integration for Heniff.

Heniff began installing the new products in 2015. A hands-on consultative approach by SkyBitz resulted in a seamless installation process so that Heniff could quickly deploy across its entire network of assets.


Through SkyBitz as a Service, Heniff has been able to receive expert onboarding support, real-time reporting, analytics tools and TMS integration with no upfront capital expense. Additionally, through the Falcon series product, Heniff receives five-minute reporting and increased battery efficiency via rechargeable batteries so that Heniff is never left in the dark.

SkyBitz asset management solutions have allowed Heniff to increase utilization and make better operational decisions. “SkyBitz takes our data further by merging it with other sources and puts it all together in all areas of our operations (from dispatch to maintenance to tank cleaning) to deliver real-time reporting, exception alerts and dynamic visuals to be able to make better strategic business decisions,” said Neal. “This is a game changer for us and we think differentiates us from our competition.”

For instance, through location and status information on trailers, Heniff can better plan workloads and schedules for its maintenance and tank wash teams. Heniff runs a vast internal tank wash operation across a network of ten terminals, so saving time and effort in this area was critically beneficial for the company. Heniff has also been able to offer a higher level of service to its customers. For example, Heniff offers its customers a portal through which they can check the status of their loads. Through load tracking and more accurate reporting from SkyBitz, Heniff can now offer an estimated time of arrival for each load and a visual “stoplight” that lets customers know if the load is on time.

SkyBitz has allowed Heniff to stay at the forefront of technology, a significant advantage in the unique and dynamic chemical transportation industry. “Just as their business has grown and their needs evolved, we continue to advance our technology platform and solution offerings to be able to offer them the most innovative and comprehensive asset management solution in the market,” said Henry Popplewell, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SkyBitz. “Their recommitment to SkyBitz validates our vision to revolutionize the way businesses optimize, manage and protect their assets with high value information in real-time.”

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Published on November 30, 2017


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