Legend Transportation Boosts Profitability Using SkyBitz Asset Monitoring

“SkyBitz has allowed us to gain value in how we service our customer first and foremost.”

From One Truck and One Driver to Over a Thousand Trucks and Employees, Legend Transportation is Thriving

Thanks to the vision, hard work, and using smart technology to deliver excellent customer service and higher profitability, Legend Transportation has successfully grown its business in just twelve months after initial implementation. The family-owned trucking company based out of Phoenix, Arizona, contributes its success to a long-term investment strategy focused on its people, customers, and the use of technology that creates a transparent environment for both.


Improve customer service without sacrificing margins

Legend Transportation owner, Sunny Samara, began driving trucks at age 21 and always aspired to build a successful transportation business of his own. Today, his trucking company does over the road transport in the “Eleven Western” and Texas states. They also have a dedicated fleet in Southern California, Arizona, and Washington. Starting with just one truck, his company soon purchased additional trucks and trailers to meet the growing demand of his customers.

Samara’s experience in the industry provided a deep understanding of the driver’s perspective as well. They believe drivers are the backbone of their business, and they wanted to equip them with easy-to-use tools that make their jobs easier.

Legend Transportation Boosts Profitability Using SkyBitz Asset Monitoring Platform

They also wanted to extend the same level of service and support to their customers. Still, in order to improve their operation and provide increased visibility to their customers, they needed the right technology in place.

Legend sought leading commercial telematics company, SkyBitz, to understand their business and deliver the right solution. Implementing technology that would grow with them and provide real-time asset monitoring was a priority. Insight, SkyBitz trailer and asset monitoring platform enables true visibility into both the tractor and the trailer by integrating SkyBitz asset monitoring solution into their transportation management software (TMS), McLeod Software.

Legend gained immediate value from the SkyBitz platform because it allowed them to build trust, provide visibility and service their customers at the high level they desired. Legend Transportation is a customer-focused organization, and they recognize telematics technology as an essential tool for delivering quality support.


SkyBitz Asset Monitoring Platform

SkyBitz has an open API that allows them to integrate into any custom or proprietary TMS system, providing robust yet standardized reports, visual dashboards, trends analytics, and custom XML feeds. In addition, they are a Certified Integration Partner for McLeod, which enables them to integrate their asset monitoring platform, InSight, directly with Legend Transportation’s existing TMS software, allowing their operations team to connect the dots between their assets, product shipments, and their customers. This automated digital process provides a more accurate revenue stream, giving the users deeper visibility across its sales, dispatch, compliance, and billing divisions.

With SkyBitz Asset Monitoring, Legend Transportation can search, locate, and redeploy trailers that have been sitting idle. They’re now able to manage trailers more efficiently using the Yard Check feature. They can perform a virtual inventory of what trailers are sitting in the yard, for how long, and then reassign them to increase the number of loads per month carried by each trailer. This helps maximize margins and reduce the need to purchase additional trailers, which directly contributes to lowering capital expenses.

Also, Legend provides customers with access to their portal, allowing them to log in and enter a shipment number and track their shipment in real-time from anywhere in the world.

trailer tracking

Sunny Samara
Owner – Legend Transportation

Legend + SkyBitz

I always knew that one day I would be successful. We started with one truck, and then fifteen, and now we have well over 1000 different assets, running more efficiently than ever before.


Legend Grew By 30% Over 12 Months

Implementing SkyBitz Asset Monitoring software has allowed Legend to focus on growth rather than error, and it certainly paid off. Asset Monitoring provides real-time visibility into the status of their tractors and trailers, in real-time. Legends Transportation has seen tremendous improvements in operational efficiencies, and now customers can track their deliveries directly from the Legend Transportation website. They type in their customer number and get real-time tracking of their load.

This transparency into their organization has effectively set Legend Transportation apart from its competitors. While you might expect this level of visibility from a larger company, providing these additional features for their customers from the beginning, and empowering their operations team has enabled Legend to build great relationships and realize rapid growth in just 12 months.

trailer tracking

Robert Moffit
EVP & Director of Ops

Legend + SkyBitz

We currently have SkyBitz integrated into our TMS software. It gives us true visibility of the tractor and the trailer running down the road so we can look at things from the operational piece and make it work for us.”

When to Implement Tracking Technology

As the market continues to grow, customers are not just asking for data – they’re expecting it. Large trucking companies were quick to embrace asset monitoring. Now, more and more small organizations, with 200 trucks or less, are adopting this technology because they realize the growing need to provide visibility to their customers and teams.

Legend Transportation has proven that implementing the right technology provides great efficiency for tracking assets, drivers, deliveries, and routes. This key essential technology provides the foundation for tremendous growth.

How does your organization measure ROI? What are your KPIs, and how do you monitor ROI against it? Is it a trailer pool? We’ve already seen it with medium to large customers; now it’s time for you.

Watch How Legend Transportation Boosted Profitability Using Powerful Asset Monitoring Solution



The SkyBitz® Falcon GXT5002C is a solar-powered GPS asset management solution that provides enhanced asset utilization and cargo visibility. Designed to provide a low cost of ownership and a service life lasting the longevity of the asset (~10 years), the GXT5002C combines an integrated cargo design with built-in cargo sensors, and can be installed in under 15-minutes.

Legend achieved with SkyBitz


Reduced detention times, turn times and empty miles


Provided a more accurate revenue stream, giving the users deeper visibility across its sales, dispatch, compliance, and billing divisions.

Keep Customers

SkyBitz solutions allowed Legend to service their customers at the high level they desired.

Since our inception, Legend Transportation has been a customer-driven business focused on safe and sensible growth. Our core values include putting customers first, maintaining financial strengths, committing to serve and achieve mutual goals.

Our leadership team continually strives to instill the following values to each and every team member: Simplify operations, reduce costs, and increase safety awareness. Everyone at Legend Transportation takes ownership in the management of the day-to-day operations to create higher efficiencies in their particular area of responsibility. These areas include safety, operations, equipment maintenance, and accounting.


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