Compology Cargo Trailer Security Camera

SkyCamera™ with AI

Crystal Clear Images.
Instant Volumetric Calculations.

SkyCamera™ with AI

Crystal Clear Images.
Instant Volumetric Calculations.

Know exactly what’s in your trailers
at anytime with SkyBitz SmartTrailer

SkyBitz SmartTrailer now features precise volumetric fullness and floor space measurements via SkyCamera powered by Compology. By capturing clear images, SkyCamera shows you exactly what’s inside any trailer or enclosed container, while artificial intelligence measures precisely how much capacity is utilized and available so you can make smarter load decisions.

Cargo Trailer Security Camera System

SkyCamera mounts to the rear left of your trailer or container. It communicates with the SkyBitz Kinnect via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Accurate calculations
of total fullness and
floor space

Cut capital expenses and improve margins by identifying trailer fullness by volume and floor space, eliminating false empties associated with customer locations and improving utilization across your fleet. With verifiable images and actionable data, you know exactly when to dispatch nearby drivers to reduce wasted miles, fuel and driver time.

Enclosed trailer security camera
enclosed trailer inside camera

Precise trailer location
and dormant days tracking

Reduce idle trailers and increase turn-times by tracking the exact locations of unpowered trailers, and their idle duration, to more quickly re-deploy them to maximize revenue. Gain visibility into cargo volume changes in order to identify and eliminate trailers being used for storage.

Remote trailer
cargo visibility

Set triggers for SkyCamera powered by Compology to automatically capture key moments, like door opens and closes, or truck stops, and access the images in your remote dashboard at any time.

Verifiable images also help support insurance claims and improve theft prevention.

Cargo Trailer Monitoring Camera

SkyCamera Trailer Security Camera Features

Get in touch with us to learn how total
trailer visibility can boost profitability.

Quickly identify and match LTL or TL loads to available trailers

Reduce line haul costs by capturing and identifying opportunities for improvement when loading line haul trailers

Substantiate detention billing with trailer arrival, load/unload, detention and departure data

Mitigate inventory shortages, theft, and erroneous expedite fees by comparing manufacturer load plan with actual shipper capacity data

Accurately forecast capital expense budgets by applying trailer utilization data

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