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SkyBitz SmartTank saves 35 miles per route, on average.

Stop taking chances on your deliveries. There’s a smarter way. Delivery efficiency is made easy with SkyBitz SmartTank Monitoring Solutions.

  Heavy-duty monitor for all tank types

  Easy to install by non-technical people

  Anywhere, get alerts, alarms, and notifications

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Tanks Supported

  • Large Bulk Storage Tanks
  • Mini- Bulk Storage Tanks
  • IBC Tanks/Totes
  • Underground Tanks
  • Propane

Products Supported

  • Corrosive and Non‐corrosive Chemicals
  • Diesel
  • Gasoline
  • Lubricants
  • Liquid and Compressed Gasses
  • DEF

SkyBitz tank monitoring allows you to see tank levels for all of your tanks at all sites – right from your laptop or mobile device. With this real‐time data, you can eliminate runouts, improve delivery efficiency, and expand your service area.

Ideal for:

  • Distributors with customer tanks
  • Tank farms
  • End users that own tanks
  • Midstream oil and gas

The smart way to bring efficiency into Tank Management.

tank fluid level monitor on mobile
  • Optimize Routes: Know exactly where to go, when and with how much product. Monitor demand by region to optimize routes and promote efficiency across your market’s supply chain.
  • Maximize Driver and Asset Productivity: Send drivers and trucks only to locations where deliveries are required, so you can deliver more product with fewer trucks.
  • Eliminate Unnecessary and Costly Stops: Gain full visibility to tank levels along with reports on “days until low” or “days until empty”. Identify potential issues before they occur and avoid run-outs and emergency deliveries.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: Help your customers avoid perpetual inventory or run-outs by delivering the exact amount of product needed, when they need it.
  • Maintain Accurate Inventory: Eliminate retains and avoid manual errors from stick readings or estimations.
tank fluid level monitor on mobile

Easy to Install Tank Level Monitoring Devices

Products Supported

Corrosive and non-corrosive chemicals

Corrosive and Non‐corrosive Chemicals

Cellular propane tank monitor

Diesel Tanks

Gasoline Tanks

IBC Tanks/Totes

Propane Tank Analytics Data

Liquid and Compressed Gasses

Commercial propane tank monitoring system

Propane Tank

Commercial propane tank monitoring system

Propane Tank

How it works

Wireless tank monitors automatically transmit data from remote tanks to a cloud‐based computer database via cellular or satellite networks.

tank fluid level monitor on mobile

Purpose‐built Hardware

Our easy‐to‐install monitor is designed to provide accurate and reliable tank level readings, and is compatible with virtually any liquid, including highly‐corrosive chemicals, and flammable products.

tank fluid level monitor on mobile
  • Low Cost

  • Easy To Install and Maintain

  • Battery Operated

  • Extreme Weather Resistant

  • Totes, Vertical and Horizontals

  • All Liquids: Chemicals, petroleum and Gas

  • C1D1 Hazmat

tank fluid level monitor on mobile

Cutting‐edge Software: SkyBitz SmartTank Portal

  • Enhanced Tank Details ‐ Tank level, usage history, details and trends, locating, logging, reports, tools – it’s all at your fingertips.
  • Third‐Party Data in One Portal ‐ With our unique Proxy Tanks feature, you can still use another system such as SCADA or UST (Underground Storage Tanks) and view all of the data in one portal.
  • Easy Alarms and Notification Setup ‐ Create search filters to respond to alarms or identify potential issues before they happen. Set up new tank service and easily receive notifications such as critical levels or drain detection using a powerful, easy‐to‐use mobile app, text message or email.
  • GPS Mapping ‐ Tank locations are mapped based on their GPS, Cellular triangulation, or physical address data. Build more efficient routes and quickly identity tanks with alarm status to prevent run-outs.
  • Sales Tools ‐ Share visibility with customers to view tank levels and history online. Customers can view or be emailed or sent by text the status and location of their delivery.
tank fluid level monitor on mobile

What Our Customers Say

reladyne skybitz case study
skybitz lube tech quote

Reladyne + SkyBitz

“SkyBitz has done a great job of going out to our locations, training our people and getting them to move that mindset to the monitor system.”

Lube Tech + SkyBitz

“After an in-depth vendor selection process and deep diligence review, SkyBitz proved to be the clear leader. Both the company and their robust platform align very well with our short and long-term goals and objectives.”

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