Propane Tank Monitoring System


Wireless Propane Tank Monitoring

Increase productivity.
Improve customer service.
Maximize route density

SmartTank Dispatch is turnkey Software as a Service for petroleum and chemical distributors. It uniquely combines frequent and highly accurate tank readings with a suite of workflow automation tools that generate higher volume and more cost-efficient deliveries.

Our solution is fast and easy to implement. Distributors can import customers, “ship-to” locations, terminals, tanks, and other information using an intuitive interface. Simple interface also enables the exchange of real-time order and dispatch information with back-office systems.

Based on current industry averages, distributors with unmonitored tanks or non-forecasted orders have a delivery efficiency of about 40%. With SmartTank Dispatch, distributors not only significantly increase their delivery efficiency but also their route density, adding an average of two more efficient deliveries per route.

Automating the order creation
SmartTank Dispatch auto-generates orders from accurate tank readings and forecasting feeds that come from the SmartTank wireless tank monitoring system

Optimizing route
With a few clicks, users can synchronize field asset data—trucks, drivers and shifts—for dispatch and create optimized route plans. SmartTank Dispatch’s algorithms are expertly tuned to maximize route density and asset utilization. The solution considers scheduling, delivery windows and user route preferences—fastest, shortest distance or Hazmat

Order reconciliation
Once orders are delivered, SmartTank Dispatch can auto complete and reconcile gallons ordered with gallons delivered using real-time tank fill status updates

SmartTank Dispatch

Get in touch with us to learn how you can maximize profits and improve service with tank monitoring solutions.

Eliminate runouts and emergency deliveries with tank data

Track usage history over time to forecast refills and detect potential theft or leakage issues

Deliver more gallons with fewer stops. Better for your drivers, your product, and your customers

Become more profitable using smart technology that streamlines your entire operation

Always know who needs what, when and where

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