ST80 IoT Solution

ST80 Underground Tank Monitoring Solution

Remote Access to Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Information at Multiple Sites

Instantly capture tank-level readings.

ST80 Underground Tank Monitoring Solution

ST80 is a SkyBitz IoT Solution for petroleum distributors to remotely capture tank levels and other data from the Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) Systems on Underground Storage Tanks (UST) and above-ground bulk storage tanks (AST).

The IoT Solution reduces equipment upgrade costs and setup time by connecting with existing ATG systems through a real-time interface. Data from the interface is immediately visible and available through the SkyBitz SmartTank Web application and data delivery API service.

Solution Benefits

  • Universal compatibility. Access tank levels remotely using two connectivity options for existing ATG systems:
    • If an ATG System does not have an internet connection, the ST80 IoT Solution connects to the RS-232 port to transmit data to SmartTank through 4G networks.
    • If a Public IP connection is available to access the ATG equipment, then we can use the USTi software interface that communicates directly with the SmartTank portal.
  • Simple installation. Quick and easy to follow instructions for Hardware installation and Software setup.
  • Proactively plan deliveries. Accurately forecast customer orders, with user-friendly tools to eliminate run outs, maximizing profit margins by increasing route density and delivery volumes.
  • Affordable pricing. The USTi software and the ST80 IoT Solution have a low monthly fee for each site, regardless of how many tanks are monitored.

Transform your business with SmartTank monitoring solutions

The SkyBitz SmartTank platform can be deployed quickly at scale to monitor data from all types of UST monitoring systems at any location. Don’t delay the opportunity to gain a competitive edge.

Technical Specifications

  • Physical: ROHS Compliant 5”x7.25” Enclosure 110V AC Power Supply.
  • Wireless Communications: Cat 4 4G LTE Radio on AT&T network
  • Connectivity Options: RS-232 serial cable.
    Cables and adapters are provided.

ST80 IoT Solution

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