ST90 LTE for Monitoring
Corrosive Chemicals

SmartTank ST90 LTE for Monitoring Corrosive Chemicals

Boldly Goes Where No Differential Pressure Sensor Has Gone Before

SmartTank ST90 LTE for Monitoring Corrosive Chemicals

In the old days, your tank monitoring partner would recommend an ultrasonic sensor solution for corrosive chemicals, and the readings weren’t always all that accurate. We live in the present, not the past, and we’ve seen the future. We provide a solution that combines a ceramic coated DP sensor and a cable coating that can stand up to the most corrosive chemicals on the planet and deliver much more accurate readings.

Chemicals and acids like HCl and H2SO4 can wreak havoc on the average stainless-steel DP sensor, causing operators to rely on harder to install ultrasonic sensors that can produce false readings due to bouncing off vapors instead of liquids. Now, with a ceramic housing protecting the sensor from corrosion, you can use a reliable, accurate DP sensor at the bottom of the tank and avoid the “vapor effect” that ultrasonic sensors can produce.

Key Features

Ceramic differential pressure sensor solution, with SMARTank ST90 LTE.

Stands up to the challenges associated with monitoring highly corrosive chemicals.

Easier to install and eliminates false readings and bouncing associated with ultrasonic sensors.

Innovative ultra-low profile monitor enclosure and internal antenna for corrosive chemical compatibility and ruggedness.

Monitor and sensor can be removed and redeployed.

Future-ready – Operates on AT&T LTE or Verizon LTE cellular networks with 3G backup available.

  • Host-Client capabilities for lower costs than Host alone (where appropriate)
  • LAN-WAN capabilities
  • Industry’s lowest profile – all parts protected
  • Low cost cellular technology
  • Excellent battery life and OTA firmware updates
  • Secure, reliable access to tank information when and where you need it

Sulfuric acid? Hydrochloric acid? Sodium Hypochlorite? Bring it.

Corrosive acids and bases can literally eat the typical stainless steel DP sensor alive, rendering it useless after prolonged exposure, thus driving many customers to an ultrasonic solution with all its shortcomings. Until now. Our ceramic sensor solution is the solution for companies wanting a DP solution in what used to be an ultrasonic world.

Talk to the Leader In Tank Monitoring Using Differential Pressure, Regardless of What’s In the Tank

SkyBitz gives you the ability to optimize your operations efficiency. When you roll a truck and utilize the time of the driver, you can rest assured that the trip was necessary and that you’re delivering exactly the amount of chemical your customer needs through tank level monitoring technology.

Our single-source solution of hardware, protected sensor and data delivery service provides secure key tank information and analytics 24/7 on any connected device, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of even the most caustic and corrosive chemicals. In the office or in the field, next door or 1000 miles away, you’ll have 100% visibility into the tank, and be able to predict when replenishment is needed. With the alerts, alarms, notifications, usage history and  more that our system provides, you’ll eliminate run-outs and costly emergency deliveries. Using the analytics tools the system gives users, you’ll roll that truck less often yet deliver larger loads, and stopover servicing the tank.

Discover how our ceramic DP sensor solution is easier to install and eliminates interference and false readings.

SMARTank ST90 LTE for Monitoring Corrosive Chemicals

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Eliminate runouts and emergency deliveries with tank data

Track usage history over time to forecast refills and detect potential theft or leakage issues

Deliver more gallons with fewer stops. Better for your drivers, your product, and your customers

Become more profitable using smart technology that streamlines your entire operation

Always know who needs what, when and where

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