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The best-in-class enterprise mobile fuel delivery solution.

The economic engine of petroleum distributors is driven by gross margin per hour for deliveries. Maximizing delivery volumes and efficiencies is the surefire formula to increase cash flow and profitability.

SmartTruck puts this formula to work in a best-in-class turnkey mobile delivery solution with real-time visibility and unparalleled capabilities for data capture, process control and automation.

Product information

The SmartTruck mobile platform offers the full set of digital logistics tools for petroleum distributors. The tools include a feature-rich Android app, high-performance device, wireless charging station and integrated barcode scanner.

The SmartTruck mobile application uses intuitive logic and a flexible workflow that requires little or no training for drivers transitioning from the previous SmartTruck app. New drivers quickly absorb the easy-to-use features when loading and delivering products.

Propane Delivery Dispatch Software SmartTruck App

SmartTruck Android Hardware

An enterprise class Android device is highly rugged which meets IP65 and IP67 standards for water resistance and drop standards (1.8 meter/6 feet) and harsh operating environments that range from: -20 to 50C / -4 to 122F.

The large 5.7-inch screen is full HD. A faster processor (Octa-Core, 2.2 GHz, with 4GB RAM/64GB Flash) makes screen transition almost instantaneous.  The device also has an integrated barcode scanner, with on-screen and side buttons. A high resolution camera with flash ensures high quality document capture for proof of delivery and loaded BOLs.

SmartTruck has dual sim slots for certified use with AT&T and Verizon networks.

The mobile platform has a turnkey in-cab wireless charging station for maximum reliability and uptime. Improved battery life combined with faster wireless recharging ensures fleets can run two full shifts without having to swap batteries.

Solution Benefits

SmartTruck gives petroleum distributors immediate advantages in four critical areas:

  1. Data integrity:
    SmartTruck communicates directly with digital registers on tank wagons through a secure, broadrange Wi-Fi connection. The digital interface can directly control and verify the number of gallons dispensed at customer sites, for the ultimate accuracy, integrity and transparency.
  2. Forecasting:
    The SmartTruck Dispatch platform can receive tank readings directly from wireless tank monitors and degree day forecasting feeds from customer tanks. The platform gives petroleum distributors historical and real-time insights on truck, driver and product activity to forecast customer demand and plan higher volume and more costefficient deliveries.
  3. Dispatching:
    The route planning tools of the SmartTruck Dispatch platform increase delivered gallons and fill efficiency while decreasing miles and hours. The platform helps distributors take on more business and enter new markets without adding more headcount in the form of dispatchers, data reconcilers and billers.
  4. Billing:
    With SmartTruck, drivers scan barcodes to verify the right products are going into the right tanks, and the mobile workflow automatically matches the gallons loaded with gallons delivered. Drivers use the mobile platform to capture digital signatures for proof of delivery, and transaction data flows seamlessly from fueling to accounting to eliminate billing errors.

SmartTruck Delivery App

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Distributors that use SmartTruck’s digital logistics platform and automation tools can maximize gross margin per hour of deliveries by increasing volume, reducing transaction costs and improving customer satisfaction through transparency.

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