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South Florida Gas Cuts Delivery Costs with Tank Monitoring.

In search of greater efficiency, company president Chuck Robb
made the decision about eight years ago to utilize remote telemetry on many of the buried propane tanks that South Florida Gas installed, refilled and serviced. Learn how South Florida Gas has been able to reduce deliveries by 25% thanks to SkyBitz Tank Monitoring.

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ChemStation Increases Routing Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction.

By using SkyBitz Tank Monitoring’s remote inventory data solution, ChemStation was at last able to maximize fill efficiencies by knowing the precise needs of each customer. As a direct consequence, ChemStation was able eliminate all Friday deliveries, in addition to consolidating routes on other days. Learn more about how ChemStation was able to benefit from Tank Monitoring. 

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PVS Increases Efficiencies with SkyBitz Tank Monitoring.

PVS has learned that SkyBitz Tank Monitoring doesn’t just help reduce costs; it also enables growth. All those efficiency gains mean that chemical suppliers like PVS can expand sales territory and add customers using existing resources. If expansion ever ceases to be a goal, then existing customers can be serviced with fewer resources and thus at a still-lower cost. 

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Wakefield Canada Improves DEF Inventory Management with Tank Monitoring.

Wakefield installed SkyBitz Tank Monitoring in more than 200 customer tanks in the marketplace. As a consequence, they they were able to increase the size of replenishment orders and, at the same time, reduce the number of drops and miles logged by their trucks and rail cars.


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