AC Powered Host

AC Powered Host

Key Features

  • Designed for tank farm environments requiring special considerations.
  • Central connection point for client monitors on up to 32 individual tanks.
  • Up-to-the minute readings.

Designed for Tank Farm Environments

Tank Farm environments require special considerations when deploying a monitoring solution. They have varying tank sizes, products and distances between them. Many have hazardous location restrictions as well. These variables can make monitoring in a cost-effective way a challenge.

The AC Powered Host serves as a central connection point for ST90 or ST95 client monitors on up to 32 individual tanks. However, sight line distances and obstructions may necessitate more than one host. By using clients to leverage the host’s single point cellular connection, the customer can reduce the number of individual cellular connections required thereby reducing their total monthly service cost for the site. This AC Host can be used at sites that have existing power available.


The ST90 AC Powered Host is an always-powered device.

The ST90 AC powered Host is a real time device. This new product is an adapted version of our battery-powered ST90 host. It can function as a host for other client devices to connect to specifically for bulk tank farms where there is access to AC power. This device can support more clients and if needed can be scheduled to report more frequently without worrying about impact to battery life. The AC Powered Host is suitable for many ordinary location environments.