General Purpose

General Purpose

Key Features

  • For most, non-corrosive chemicals
  • Low, domed lid form factor
  • Host-Client WAN-LAN capabilities
  • Antennae are out of harm’s way
  • Ideal for stacked tanks/totes 

A True Work horse.

The ST90 is a perfect solution for monitoring most tanks.  It was engineered specifically to keep all antennae and electronics under the domed lid, so whether you want to stack your tanks or keep them all separate, the ST90 performs where other monitors can’t.

Since we know most chemicals like the back of our hand, we know exactly which differential pressure sensor to pair up with which type of cable to ensure complete chemical compatibility. You get the data you need, when and where you need it, 24/7.

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Host-Client capabilities get you the data you need for a most affordable price.

The ST90 has Host-Client capabilities, offering you the most affordable way to monitor multiple tanks in one area.  Clients talk only to the Host, and only the Host is calling out, so all you’re paying for is one callout.