Highly Corrosive Chemicals

Highly Corrosive Chemicals

Key Features

  • Standard ST90, with a ceramic coated DP sensor and compatible cable
  • Monitor any corrosive chemical with complete confidence
  • Far better than using a ultrasonic solution

Boldly goes where no differential pressure has gone before.

In the old days, your tank monitoring partner would recommend an ultrasonic sensor solution for corrosive chemicals, and the readings weren’t always all that accurate. We live in the present, not the past, and we’ve seen the future. We’ve sourced a ceramic coated DP sensor and a cable coating that can stand up to the most corrosive chemicals on the planet, and deliver much more accurate readings.

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Sulfuric acid?  Hydrochloric acid?  Sodium Hypochlorite? Bring it.

Corrosive acids and bases can literally eat the typical stainless steel DP sensor alive, rendering it useless after prolonged exposure, thus driving most customers to an ultrasonic solution, with all its shortcomings.  Our ceramic sensor solution is the solution for companies wanting a DP solution in what used to be an ultrasonic world. Talk to the leader in tank monitoring, regardless of what’s in the tank.