Key Features

  • Mag mount monitor hardware, with Hall Effect Sensor and dial face.
  • Stop over servicing your customers’ propane tanks and deliver more product less often.
  • Cut distribution costs by only going where you really need to go.
  • Affordable cellular technology.
  • Managed Services Program – NO upfront hardware costs.

Know when to roll that truck. And when not to.

Successful propane distribution today relies on technology that enables you to always keep your customers full by dispatching a truck only when it truly needs to be.  Our cellular monitors and SMARTank Data Portal give you the ability to better predict when that will be. You’ll deliver more propane less often, and cut distribution costs by saving on fuel costs, driver labor, and truck maintenance. That’s the SMART way to improved profitability.

How much upfront for the hardware?  How does $0 sound?

Don’t want to own the hardware?  OK, don’t.  With our managed services program, you can start earning an ROI from Day One, because there are NO upfront equipment costs. Just pay a low monthly fee that includes all necessary hardware and data service and never buy another piece of equipment again.  Want to own the hardware?  We can do that too – the choice is totally yours. Talk to us about which plan is perfect for your propane business.