Why have multiple fuel logistics suppliers when you can have one?

Only SkyBitz offers a single source, real-time wireless inventory control, dispatch and delivery solution for all petroleum verticals and truck types.

  • Wireless remote tank monitoring for the most efficient fills
  • Paperless dispatch and delivery platform
  • Automated order generation to maximize profit per route
  • Same day reconciliation and billing so you get home on time

The synergy between SmartTank, SMARTLynx and SMARTruck provides a beginning to end digital order creation and delivery, BOL/loading data and inventory reconciliation solution. It’s fully integrated with PDI’s Enterprise, DM2 and , Firestream Ascend solutions and interfaces with ADDS, RAX, Trinium, JDE and SAP.

From monitoring to reconciliation, only SkyBitz delivers it all. Don’t need it all? No problem, simply choose what best suits your needs. Talk with us today about how tomorrow can be so much easier for everyone in your company.

To see the difference the right technology can make, schedule a demo today.

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