GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Powerful & Actionable
Information at Your Fingertips.

SkyBitz gives you the detailed reporting information you need so you can increase your asset utilization. Best of all, it’s easy to use. That’s because you access the information through SkyBitz InSight, our best-in-class Web application for advanced fleet tracking, monitoring, and managing a broad range of assets.

There’s no software to install and you don’t have to contend with complex integration issues. You just log in and you’re poised to begin increasing your operational efficiencies.

  • Reduce Capital Expenditures
  • Track Stolen Assets
  • Optimize Asset Utilization
  • Increase Detention Billing
  • Eliminate “Lost” Assets
  • Improve Customer Service

Idle Trends

Flexibility and Personalization:
Your Formula For Efficiency.

Compatible with the SkyBitz Kinnect, Galaxy, Gemini, Falcon and Titan Series Mobile Terminals, InSight makes information available in ways that are meaningful to you. The system is personalized and customizable.

You can choose to view your data in a table, on detailed street level maps or on an aerial satellite photograph. You can see a global view of your operations or asset-level specifics. You are in control of how you view the information at all times.

With InSight, it’s easy to find a single asset and get its latest position details along with a map of its location.

You can also request a page for a position update, institute Lockdown, activate Panic Mode or change the reporting and wake up profile at any time. It’s easy to reconfigure on the fly if a situation arises that requires you to see information based on an alternate schedule.

For instance, if you have an asset carrying high value cargo or if you believe an asset is entering a high crime area, you may want to get more frequent reports*.

With InSight, it’s simple: you have access to the real time fleet visibility information you need to make decisions that will have a positive impact on your business every day.

* The Titan Series consists of one way devices and cannot be paged or reconfigured over-the-air.

Success with InSight’s
Robust Reporting and Trend Analysis.

SkyBitz InSight, a fleet management software delivers a wide range of reports to help businesses track, monitor and control their mobile assets. All reports are downloadable from the InSight Web application in CSV format (Comma Separated Values) for easy import into spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel®

Customers can also export InSight reports into their existing software systems to further enhance their fleet data analysis.

With InSight Trends, you can run customizable reports that provide more visual context and provide historical views in order to determine any trends and perform additional analysis. Analyze large data sets and view it in an effective and intuitive way.

InSight Trends allows you to:

  • Access dashboards with group averages and aggregates.
  • Quickly identify outliers for under-performing or over-performing assets.
  • Drill-down on specific asset information for more details.
  • Set up and run your own custom reports for consistent metrics to compare to any time period.

Scott McLaughlin,
Stagecoach Cartage and Distribution, LP

“I’ve seen several iterations of InSight, the SkyBitz Web interface. I’ve seen them continue to enhance the information I’m able to draw on. I’ve seen longer battery lives, continued investment in the product and in the information I’m able to get, value-added services like SkyFencing and other things they continue to add to the product.”

GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Position History of One Asset (Breadcrumbs)

Know where your fleet is going

Custom Multi-Point Landmarks

Multiple SkyFences/GeoFences

InSight provides actionable information for the activities below and more:

  • GPS Position Details on One or All Assets
  • Position History
  • Idle Time Reports
  • Battery Life Reports
  • Street-level and Satellite Mapping
  • Mileage Performance, Distribution & Details
  • Reporting Profile

Reports are available by asset or by group of assets, for various lengths of time and by “Landmarks,” which are customized areas. For instance, you can configure a custom-sized radius around a Landmark to create a SkyFence, which you would pre-set for your key shippers, consignees and yard locations. The SkyFence area around a Landmark can be circular in shape or, with Multi-Point Landmarks, you can create an irregular shape using up to 20 plotting points. When a SkyFence area is in the system, you can choose to receive notifications when one of your assets enters or exits the specified area.

GPS Fleet Tracking Software – InSight Sheet

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Quickly identify and match LTL or TL loads to available trailers

Reduce line haul costs by capturing and identifying opportunities for improvement when loading line haul trailers

Substantiate detention billing with trailer arrival, load/unload, detention and departure data

Mitigate inventory shortages, theft, and erroneous expedite fees by comparing manufacturer load plan with actual shipper capacity data

Accurately forecast capital expense budgets by applying trailer utilization data

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