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Advanced Sensor
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Advanced Sensor
Integration Hub

Integrating All Sensor Data Through
One Communications Tool

SkyBitz Kinnect is the next generation of advanced GPS trailer tracking solutions designed to capture and communicate all of your remote asset data through one device. Developed as the foundation for SkyBitz SmartTrailer™ offerings, it combines solar-power battery capabilities with an optional power tether resulting in the ultimate flexibility and battery life that stands up to the most demanding situations.

With a quick-and-easy installation process, Kinnect collects data from most sensors, whether wired or wireless, giving users more control over the information they need to make intelligent cargo management decisions.

Plus, it can be used across multiple assets, including trailers, containers, flatbeds, chassis, or tankers, for a simplified approach to device inventory management and installation.

Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and on the AT&T LTE network, the GPS tracking device for trailer is not only rugged and purpose-built but supports current LTE capabilities with long-term network compatibility in mind.

trailer tracking device

Kinnect Key Features

  • Cellular LTE-M/5G compatible
  • Solar panels
  • Optional external (7-way) power connection
  • Longest product & battery life with 5.2 AH internal rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Supports wireless and wired sensors: Wireless communication (BLE5), Wired communication (RS232)
  • Event based reporting on motion status, start, stop and yard moves
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Assisted GPS chip – SBAS, Glonass, Galileo
  • 3 Axis Accelerometer
  • Quick installation and verification
  • Over the air configurable
How GPS Trailer Tracking Device Works

Kinnect Specifications – Trailer GPS Tracking

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trailer visibility can boost profitability.

Quickly identify and match LTL or TL loads to available trailers

Reduce line haul costs by capturing and identifying opportunities for improvement when loading line haul trailers

Substantiate detention billing with trailer arrival, load/unload, detention and departure data

Mitigate inventory shortages, theft, and erroneous expedite fees by comparing manufacturer load plan with actual shipper capacity data

Accurately forecast capital expense budgets by applying trailer utilization data

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