ST40 Propane

Propane Tank Monitoring System

Small Tank
Big Tank Margins.

Wireless Propane Fuel Tank Monitoring

SkyBitz Small Tank LPG Monitoring Solution
is now within the SmartTank Platform

The SmartTank ST40 monitor solution and SkyBitz data portal is the perfect solution for propane. Cost-effective and streamlined through one application, propane marketers and distributors gain maximum efficiency for propane deliveries, with real-time data that takes the guesswork out of forecasting.

Deliver product to the tanks that need it, saving you labor and fleet costs while improving your overall customer experience.

SkyBitz combines rugged hardware, a reliable cellular network, and a secure web portal for total visibility across all of your smaller propane tanks. Designed with the impending 3G sunset in mind, the SmartTank ST40 is future-proof, offering 4G LTE cellular communications with 3G fallback where LTE is not available. Convert your small propane distribution approach into a more profitable business using data intelligence and fast, scalable cellular propane tank monitoring from SkyBitz.

Install propane tank monitoring device

Fast Installation deployment requirements

Cellular propane tank monitor

4G LTE with 3G Fallback & multi-carrier compatibility

Battery operated propane tank monitor

5+ year battery life

Propane Tank Analytics Data

SmartTank robust analytics

Commercial propane tank monitoring system

Designed & tested to IP-X8 Submersible Standard

multiple propane tank monitoring device

Multiple mounting options including brackets, straps, and lock system

Over-the-air configurable updates eliminate manual servicing

Propane Tank Monitoring System – SmartTank ST40

Get in touch with us to learn how you can maximize profits and improve service with propane tank monitoring system.

Eliminate runouts and emergency deliveries with tank data

Track usage history over time to forecast refills and detect potential theft or leakage issues

Deliver more gallons with fewer stops. Better for your drivers, your product, and your customers

Become more profitable using smart technology that streamlines your entire operation

Always know who needs what, when and where

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