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Solar Powered Trailer Tracking Device SkyVue

SkyBitz SmartTank portal makes every second count. Its fast, responsive, and intuitive reporting goes far beyond tank monitoring.

Users gain real-time intelligence on your market to effectively manage demand and maximize tank fill efficiencies that translate into increased productivity and asset utilization throughout your organization.

SmartTank Tank List
SmartTank Reports Delivery Efficiency

Intuitive Reporting Features:

Powerful Analytics Dashboard

A BI dashboard gives a quick, visual snapshot of low-level tanks, product demand and overall delivery efficiency. Easily view, sort and filter tanks by any parameter to dynamically calculate and review market analytics.

Our interactive display with access to important KPIs will help you monitor activities, reach targets, and increase savings.

Enhanced Tank Details

A customizable grid view displays tank details that include key metrics such as current gallons, available capacity, volume % and inches, temperatures, signal strength and battery level among others.

Modern user-friendly controls allow users to drag-and-drop columns to save that view or export date to excel for further analysis.

Historical Usage Trends

Monitor usage trends, short fills, low alarms, and fill detection over any date range.

Algorithms forecast Demand for each tank to show “days until low” or “days until empty” based on historical data for inventory usage.

Algorithms forecast Demand for key dates: Date to Order, Date to Safety Stock, and Date to Empty, based on historical data for inventory usage.

Analyze delivery efficiencies to maximize asset utilization.

GPS Mapping & Tank Tracking

Tank locations are mapped based on their GPS, Cellular triangulation, or physical address data.

Establish regions and routes to create route density and build more efficient loads.

Cluster visualization provides an interactive summary of tank alarm statuses by geographical areas. Quickly identify tanks with alarms status to prevent run outs.

Data Logging

Set a fixed call-out schedule and detect significant level changes prior to a scheduled call.

Monitor demand by region to optimize routes and promote efficiency across your market’s supply chain.

Efficiency Reporting

Measure delivery efficiency with real time visualization per customer and for the entire organization.

Compare fixed costs per delivery against average fill to better determine customer price.

Customize fixed delivery cost and delivery efficiency target for each customer for more accurate efficiency reporting.

Sales Tools for Customers

Share visibility with customers to view tank levels and history online.

Customers can view or be emailed or sent by text the status and location of their delivery.

“Affiliated View” allows regional/national customers to view all tanks serviced by multiple suppliers.

Customize SmartTank portal and companion mobile app with your logo and colors to let them access current tank level, fill history, and usage rate.

SmartTank Mobile Application

Companion app to the SmartTank portal that features reporting capabilities similar to the SmartTank app including:

Tank Levels:

  • View a Summary of all Tanks by location, product, and organization along with current inventory.

Tank Details:

  • View individual tank levels in percentage, gallons, and inches along with usage history.
  • View and add tank images from the app.
  • Perform tank setups right from the app using an easy-to-use layout without needing to contact customer support.

Install New Tank:

  • Our Install Tank wizard is designed with step-by-step easy to follow instructions.
SmartTank App

SmartTank Solutions for all of your Monitoring Needs

Our easy-to-install monitor is designed to provide accurate and reliable tank level readings, and is compatible with virtually any liquid, including highly-corrosive chemicals, and flammable products.

SmartTank ST90 LTE Series

1. Telemetry

Standard Features

4G LTE AT&T and Verizon.
Magnetic swipe activation and on-demand callouts.
Market-leading battery life.
Host-Client LAN-WAN capabilities, 300 ft line of site range.
2″ NPT and 2″ Buttress threads for an easy install.
Integrated GPS functionality for locating tanks

Configuration Options

Class 1, Division 1—Intrinsically Safe.
Magnetic side mount kit for tall verticals.
Antenna extender kit (up to 100 ft) for improved service.
AC powered host for tank farms, with on-demand callout button.
Uplink with dual 4-20mA inputs for PLC connection.
Satellite connectivity (IP67 rated) launching in 2020.

Smarttank device details

2. Cable


Polyurethane for diesel, lubricants, DEF, water.
Teflon for chemicals and gasoline.


Multiple options up to 58 ft.

3. Sensor


Differential Pressure for vented tanks.
Delta Pressure for non-vented tanks.


Stainless Steel 316 for non-corrosive liquids.
Ceramic for highly-corrosive chemicals.

Additional Features

Temperature for chemicals.
Sits on bottom of tank and accurate to .5%-1%.
3/4″ NPT thread for external pipe mounting.

Industry Solutions





Tanks Of All Shapes And Sizes Supported

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